Thesis Support

The Writing Workshop offers a variety of resources for Wesleyan seniors working on a thesis, regardless of topic or department. In an effort to add to the support available for thesis writers, we have expanded our events and programs. All services are, of course, free. We look forward to working with you!


Writing Workshop Programs

Thesis Writers' Moodle

Join our events remotely, find a community, exchange drafts, and share tips and resources all in our dedicated Moodle! Don't let the thesis process become more difficult or lonely than it needs to be. You can find the moodle in the "Community Moodle" bucket. 


Weekly Write-Ins

Write your thesis in only two hours a week! It’s true. These low-stakes meetings are a great way to build accountability, consistency, and community during the thesis writing process. Write in community with other thesis writers, and find some connection during the semester. 

Every Wednesday in Boger 114 from 7-9pm and every Sunday from 3-5pm in the Shapiro Center for Creative Writing and Criticism you'll have the opportunity to break out into small discussions or just to get work done with some familiar faces. Anyone is welcome at any write-in. Earn some points towards prizes!


Thesis Writing Retreats

Thesis Writing Retreats are free workshops offered by the Writing Workshop. These half-day and all-day workshops provide a space for senior essay and thesis writers to do focused work on their projects. With goal-setting discussions, timed writing sessions, designated breaks, workshops, and tutor-writer consultations, writers will be able to make progress on their projects alongside fellow thesis writers and with the help of trained writing tutors.

During the Fall 2022 semester, the Writing Workshop will hold retreats on the following days:

  • January Thesis Writing Retreat, Wednesday, 1/25 from 1-5 at the Shapiro Center 
  • February Thesis Writing Retreat, Sunday, 2/12 from 1-5 at the Shapiro Center 
  • March Thesis Writing Retreat, Sunday,3/5 from 1-5 at the Shapiro Center 
  • April Thesis Writing Retreat, Sunday, 4/2 from 1-5 at the Shapiro Center 
  • Final Push Thesis Writing Retreat, Sunday, 4/16 from 1-5 at the Shapiro Center 

** Thesis Celebration on 5/4 at 4:30 **

Thesis Mentor Program

Each spring the Writing Workshop offers a thesis mentoring program in which thesis writers are paired with trained mentors. Each mentor is a veteran writing tutor. Thesis writers and their mentors meet every other week. Mentors can offer writing advice, assist with time management, and help plan or revise thesis chapters. Students paired with a thesis mentor are expected to meet with their mentor at least twice a month (and ideally on a weekly basis) for approximately one hour.

Applications for Spring 2023 are now closed. If you have any questions, please email

Resources for Thesis Writers 

As you plan your project:


Having trouble getting started?


Strategies for tackling big projects:

  • Mindfulness - Prioritize your body and emotions with some of these ways of incorporating mindfulness into your writing process.
  • The Must-Do Method - Get your priorities straight with these quick steps.
  • Pomodoro Technique - Stop that overwhelmed feeling from taking over by dividing your time and interspersing breaks.
  • Batchotasking - Monotasking and batching are a great team.
  • Lists and project management - Which type of list is right for you?


Citations and note-taking software:

  • Zotero - Organize your resources and get citations instantly.
  • Endnote - See how to download for free through Wesleyan!
  • Evernote - Save all sorts of web sources and also make to-do lists.


The basics of citations and style:


To hear about other writers' projects:


Check out some words of wisdom from past thesis writers:

(Find more advice scattered through the guides on this page!)

During drop-add, consider adding a course that’s tangentially related to your thesis topic. It can help you look at your thesis through a different lens, and you might find some fantastic sources you can use in your thesis.
-Former thesis writer, class of 2018


I wrote my thesis in Anthropology and German Studies. A significant portion of it was ethnographic. In the humanities, as well as the more qualitative social studies fields like anthropology, the thinking that you do happens through writing, not beforehand. A lot of people spend a large portion of their thesis year planning what they are going to write about. My strategy was just to keep writing, and it was through the process of writing that I finally landed on what ended up being my central argument in my thesis.

-Anna Apostolidis, class of 2019, Anthropology & German Studies


If conducting an experiment, take advantage of any time you spend waiting to do writing. Write what you can when you can. While waiting on IRB approval, I wrote my introduction and methods. When I got my data, I just had to write results and a discussion. My thesis was done about a month early!

-Katie Vasquez, class of 2020, High Honors in Psychology