Funding for Internships

Internships can be paid or unpaid. In the event that internships are paid, students are paid directly by the organization or company that they are working with either as a stipend or pay check.

If your internship is unpaid, there are a few options available to help fund your internship:

  1. The Gordon Career Center  advises students on scholarships and grants in a number of subject areas connected to professional interests:
    • John W. Macy Summer Internship Grant
    • Wesleyan University Summer Experience Grant
    • Richard A. Miller Summer Experience Grant
    • Nancy Campbell National Trust for Historic Preservation Summer Internship Grant
  2. The Patricelli Center has funding available for current students related to civic engagement and entrepreneurial pursuits.
  3. The College of the Environment has a process to apply for internship funding (Please note this is open to all students, not just those enrolled in COE).
  4. The Center for East Asian Studies also has a list of resources, links and recommendations for students looking at internship opportunities related to Asia.
  5. Do your research! Talk to your faculty advisor or department chair about department allocated funds for student internships and research. Consider nonprofits, businesses, or community and civic-based organizations that might provide funding for internships through grants or scholarships.

Please note that various grants and funding may have specific parameters limiting eligible applicants based on subject area, financial need, academic merit and more. Many of these grants also have corresponding deadlines and required materials for submission. Please carefully read and review the requirements and details for all grants. Furthermore, there is a limited amount of funding and grants available, so please be aware that this funding is not guaranteed, but available and contingent upon application and review.