Course Enrollment: CSPL493

Wesleyan has established a credit/uncredit course, CSPL 493, for students to receive .25 credit upon successful completion of an internship—whether paid or unpaid. To receive credit, students must satisfy the requirements of the internship and meet Wesleyan’s specific learning requirements.

Enrollment for Spring 2017 closed | Enrollment for Summer 2017 is open


Before you begin: Please carefully review the process below.

The enrollment process can take up to 4-6 weeks. This is a manual process completed by staff and relies on several offices accross campus.

To access all forms on this page, you must be logged into your Weselyan Portal. You can use your Wesleyan credentials to log in when prompted.

For International Students: The dates of your internship on the Google Form and Internship Description form must be the official dates because this is tied to your CPT enrollment. Questions about CPT? Please contact Janice Watson and please click here for additional notes for International Students.

There is a distinction between eligibility for credit and proof of enrollment

If your internship requires proof of enrollment at Wesleyan University, please visit:

Before you apply for an internship: Does your internship application form request proof of eligibility for academic credit? If so, please click here to request a standard form.

For course enrollment verification, students typically share a copy of their Academic History with their supervisor for proof of enrollment.


Enrollment for CSPL493 Internship Course

CLOSED: Enrollment for Summer Session 1 will open February 28 and close May 10

      1. To initate enrollment in Summer Session 1, please click here to compelte the Google Form for CSPL493 Summer 1 2017
      2. Request that your supervisor submit the Internship Decription Form to This form must be submitted by your supervisor directly.

Enrollment for Summer Session 2 will open June 1 and close June 30

      1. To initate enrollment in Summer Session 2, please click here to compelte the Google Form for CSPL493 Summer 2 2017
      2. Request that your supervisor submit the Internship Decription Form to This form must be submitted by your supervisor directly.

Enrollment will not be completed until both the Google Form and Internship Description Form are received and reviewed

Please note that you are eligible to enroll in both sessions to complete 1 internship per session. Please click here for details on credits and other policies.


After Enrollment

Students are enrolled in a Moodle group for this course and will be asked to complete short assignments throughout the internship to enhance students' knowledge base and skills connected to their internship experience. It is also helpful for applicants to reflect on their experience throughout the internship and to have a record of work experience, lessons learned, and progress made in understanding professional, personal and academic goals.


Upon Completion of Your Internship

  • Make sure that you have completed and submitted all assginments in MoodleFailure to complete all assignments will result in a U on your transcript.
  • Submit a final reflective essay (500 words) based on your internship experience. The essay will be confidential* and should thoughtfully address:
    • Describe the internship
    • Address challenges and successes based on your experience
    • Evaluate how you responded to working in a professional environment
    • Address any new skills and knowledge you acquired
    • Address existing skills and knowledge you enhanced
    • Describe insights you gained into the professional field to which the organization/employer belongs
  • Once all forms and assignments have been completed and course requirements have been met by the relevant deadline, credit will be processed for CSPL493.

*Please note that there may be instances where what you discuss in your final reflective essay will prompt staff to take further action. For instance in the case of workplace harassment, faculty and staff will reach out to appropriate partners on campus to ensure student safety and privacy.

For students experiencing harassment in the workplace, please do not hesitate to contact to contact the Office of Equity and Inclusion ( at Wesleyan University or reach out to the Human Resources staff at your internship location. For students dealing with personal challenges - specifically related to personal circumstance or mental health - are welcome to reach out to CAPS (

Still have questions or need to discuss your options? Please click here to schedule an appointment with Kate Smith, Associate Director of Fellowships, Internships and Exchange.