E&ES Colloquium Schedule

Unless noted, all colloquia are Thursdays at noon in Exley 405.  Campus Map

Fall 2015

September 17: Prof. Loyc Vanderkluysen, Drexel University: "It's a Trap! Origin, emplacement and impact of the Deccan large igneous province".

September 24: Dr. Charles Yarish, The University of Connecticut: "Cultivation of Economically and Ecologically Important Seaweeds in Northeast American for Food, Feeds and Fertilizer".

October 8: Dr. Ellen Prager '84, Earth 2 Ocean: "Sex, Drugs and Sea Slime: The Earth's Oddest Creatures and Why They Matter".

October 22: Field camp presentations

FRIDAY, November 6: Prof. Richard Ernst '78, Carleton University: "All about Large Igneous Provinces (LIP)".

November 19: Prof. Dickson Cunningham, Eastern Connecticut State University: "Mountain Building Processes in Continental Interiors: Lessons from Central Asia".

Spring 2016

February 11: Postdoctoral Fellow Jennifer Hertzberg, UCONN Avery Point: "Taking the Temperature of Past Oceans: New Insights on Paleothermometers".

February 25: Prof. Joop Varekamp, Wesleyan, "Copahue Volcano Erupts!"