E&ES Colloquium Schedule

Unless noted, all colloquia are Thursdays at noon in Exley 405.  Campus Map


Fall 2013

September 12: "Geology in Art", Prof. Jelle Zeilinga de Boer, Wesleyan University

September 26: "Constraints on Astrophysical Disk Models from Chondritic Meteorites", Denton S. Ebel, Curator-in-Charge, American Museum of Natural History

October 10: "Rates of Acidification and Extinction in the Deep Sea", Prof. Ellen Thomas, Wesleyan and Yale University

October 15 (Tuesday): "How the West was Won, and Then Lost to an Alien Invasion: Ecosystem Change in the American Southwest", Dr. Cameron Douglass, Teaching Postdoc, Trinity College

November 7: "Are Mountains Like Giant Sandpiles? A Tale of Catastrophic Landslides, Ancient Lakes, Big Floods, and Fish Evolution", Prof. Josh Roering, University of Oregon

November 14: "Influence of Subduction Zone Geometry on Locations of Great Earthquakes", Prof. Jack Loveless, Smith College

November 21: Career Day for E&ES majors

December 5: Field Camp presentations--POSTPONED

Spring 2014

January 30: Field Camp & Keck Program presentations

February 6: "Humans in the Built Environment: The Emerging Interface between Medical Geosciences and Public Health", Prof. Dan Brabander, Wellesley College

February 13: "Fire, Floods and Woody Debris: Environmental Interactions in Southern California Watersheds", Prof. Jacob Bendix, Syracuse University

February 20: "Points, Lines, and People; Plotting a Course for Community Geography" , Prof. Jonnell A. Robinson, Syracuse University

February 27: "Ents, Heracles, and the River of the Undammed", Prof. Barry Chernoff, Wesleyan

Wednesday, March 5: "Popularizing Science and Effectively Communicating to Broad Audiences", Dr. Ellen Prager '84, President, Earth2Ocean, Inc.

April 3: "The Igneous History of Chondritic Olivine: Clues from the Minor Elements", Prof. Molly McCanta, Tufts

April 10: "Organic Molecular Records of the Paleoelevation History of the SE Tibetan Plateau", Prof. Michael Hren, University of Connecticut

April 22: Senior thesis presentations

April 24: Senior thesis presentations

April 29: Senior seminar presentations

May 1: Senior seminar presentations