E&ES Colloquium Schedule

Unless noted, all colloquia are Thursdays at noon in Exley 405.  Campus Map

Spring 2017

March 2: Prof. Stephen Gatesy, Brown University: "The Ins and Outs of Dinosaur Tracks: Animation, X-rays and Edward Hitchcock".

April 6: Prof. Tammo Reichgelt, Columbia University: "Cast away: Neogene floral and paleoclimatic evolution on the remote New Zealand archipelago".

April 13: G. Warfield "Skip" Hobbs, "The Future of Planet Earth: A Changing Biosphere--Humans and Global Stewardship".

MONDAY, April 24, and WEDNESDAY, April 26, 12:15: Senior thesis presentations.

April 27: Juliane Gross, NASA Early Career Fellow, Rutgers University: "Water on Asteroids? The Curious Case of R-chondrite MIL 11207".

WEDNESDAY, May 3, 12:15: Senior seminar presentations.

Fall 2016

September 29:  Dr. Daniel Angerhausen, NASA postdoctoral program fellow, NASA-Goddard Space Filght Center: "Sniffing Alien Atmospheres: Exoplanet spectrophotometry (from ground-, airborne- and space-based observatories)".

FRIDAY, September 30, 4:15 pm: Edda Heinsman, MsC: "Science Writing as a Career".

October 20: Dr. Reed Scherer, Distinguished Research Professor of Geology and Environmental Geosciences, Northern Illinois University: "Cute, Little Fossils and a Big, Bad Ice Sheet".