E&ES Colloquium Schedule

Unless noted, all colloquia are Thursdays at noon in Exley 405.  Campus Map


Fall 2014

TUESDAY, September 16: Amelia E. Shevenell, University of South Florida, University College London, "The Southern Ocean reveals its climate secrets: Paleotemperatures from Antarctic margin marine sediments", Consortium for Ocean Leadership Distinguished Lecturer Series

FRIDAY, October 10, 3:00: Dr. Stephen McNutt '77, University of Sourth Florida, "Volcanic Lightning (!)"

October 16: Prof. A. Deanne Rogers, Stony Brook University, "Constraints on the igneous evolution of the Martian crust from remote sensing"

November 6: Prof. Allesandra Leri, Marymount Manhattan College, "The Global Bromine Cycle"

November 13: E&ES Career Day

December 4: Students share their experiences: Field Camp and Keck Research

Spring 2015

February 12: Prof. Johan C. Varekamp, Wesleyan University, "Proterozoic Park: Life in Two Crater Lakes in Oregon"

February 26: Dr. David S. Westerman, Norwich University, "Rise and fall of a multi-sheet intrusive complex, Elba Island, Italy"

April 2: Prof. Paul E. Olsen, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, "Chaos in the Connecticut Valley"

Tuesday, April 28, and Thursday, April 30: Senior Seminar class presentations