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By AppointmentPlease phone 860-685-2470

The Affordable Care Act makes it mandatory that insurance plans cover the cost of sexual health testing at 100%. If you choose to file to private or student insurance you will not be charged at the Davison Health Center. However many students wish to pay out of pocket for services and the discount  pricing below can be charged to your student account as "miscellanous lab fee".  A $15 administrative fee is assessed for out of pocket services and a $5.00 lab processing fee and charged directly to student accounts.

Sexually Transmitted Infections -

  • Herpes: blisters at time of outbreak can be cultured to help confirm  diagnosis, if necessary – $53.16 for culture; approximately $150 for Herpes blood test.
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea (swab): a screening test for both, as early as 1-2 weeks post exposure and infection – $33.05 per test
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea (urine/males only): a screening test for both, as early as 1-2 weeks post exposure and infections - $33.05 per test
  • Syphilis: blood test most effective 4-6 weeks or more post exposure – $12.23
  • Trichomonas or other vaginal or cervical infections: smear of secretions viewed under microscope while you wait. Time varies from exposure to detectable symptoms – $5.00
  • Pubic lice (crabs): visual examination – no charge 
  • Scabies: visual examination – no charge
  • HPV (genital warts): usually diagnosed by visual examination of external genitalia or speculum examination of cervix – no charge

    Prices subject to change.  Please check with the front office for current pricing.

Confidential testing for exposure to HIV is available at the Health Center by appointment only.

Rapid HIV tests will be performed using a drop of blood from a fingerstick specimen.  The results will be delivered approximately 20-30 minutes after obtaining the specimen as part of the same visit.  The cost of the test is $30.

The rapid HIV test will be offered by appointment.  Appointments may be made for HIV testing only or as part of a full Wellness and Sexual Health visit.  All providers will continue to offer oral swab or blood HIV tests via the state for $27 with the results provided at a follow up visit 2 weeks after the tests as well as blood HIV tests via Quest Diagnostics for $28.67 with the results provided at a follow up visit 3 business days after the test.

To schedule an appointment for an HIV test, please call the Health Center at 860.685.2470.  If applicable, please specify that you wish to schedule a rapid HIV test. 

All testing is CONFIDENTIAL. You can be tested for sexually transmitted infections by appointment when the Health Center is open; call 860-685-2470. Testing is available by appointment Monday-Thursday 9am-4:30 pm and Friday 9am-3:30pm. Please specify the type of HIV test you would like when you call for an appointment.

HIV testing is also available in Middletown through the Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective at the following location on Mondays (please call to confirm below):

Church of the Holy Trinity at 381 Main St. in Middletown - Call (860)278-4163.
You can schedule an appointment between 6:00 and 9:00pm.  You will receive your results at the session.  Fee is $20 for HIV.