The Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer provides leadership for the development and delivery of world class computing and digital support to Wesleyan University faculty, staff, and students.  The Office of the CIO partners with academic and administrative departments to advance and leverage technology and innovation for the university.  These advancements are executed through our major initiatives in alignment with Wesleyan 2020.

ITS 2017-2018 Goals:

  • New Collaborations and Pedagogical Innovations (supports 2020 goals 1,2)
  • Fundraising Engine Replacement (supports 2020 goal 3)
  • Amazon lockers and home mail delivery to seniors (supports 2020 goal 3)
  • Migration of email to Office365 in the cloud (supports 2020 goals 1,3)
  • Freeman data center and bandwidth upgrades (supports 2020 goals 1,3)

ITS 2017-2018 Goals - full description

ITS 2016-2017 Goals - full description

ITS 2015-2016 Goals - full description

Wesleyan University 2020 Goals

  1. Energize Wesleyan’s distinctive educational experience
  2. Enhance recognition of Wesleyan as an extraordinary institution
  3. Work within a sustainable economic model while retaining core values.

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