We have a new printing system for all public printing on campus (which includes all the libraries and computing labs on campus, as well as a couple of classrooms where printing is required). The new system includes Ricoh multi-function devices that print, photocopy and scan. The CFALab's Xerox Phaser 7750DN Color Laser Printer is now connected to the same network as the Ricohs. More information about the new system is found below. To find out which devices are in which labs, see our individual lab pages.

Duplex printing now must be set when you send the document to the printer, it is no longer an automated setting. 

New Ricoh Printing System

The new system allows you to print from any lab computer to the “Printers” queue and pick up your printed job at ANY of the Ricoh printers in the public printing network.  To pick up your job, log into the printer by swiping your WesID card, or by typing in your username and password. The system then shows the list of jobs printed you’ve sent to the printer and shows you the cost of printing each one. Select the jobs you wish to print.  The print jobs can only be released by the user id that was logged into the computer that you printed from, so be sure to log in as yourself. 

The same printers are also photocopiers and scanners. All printers can scan in color, even if the printer only prints in black & white. Many locations have both black & white and color printers (e.g., STLab, HASLab, Olin and Science Library), but a few have just a color printer that prints in color AND in black & white (e.g., Art Library). Jobs that do not include color toner are charged at the black & white rate, even on color printers.

When scanning, you will be asked to supply an email address to which the job will be sent. Logs track who is using the scanner at any point in time, so please don't abuse this feature by sending scans to people who don't want them. You cannot send anything anonymously with this system.

Useful Tips About the New Printing System

  • You can install software on your own computer to print to the print server (see how-to instructions below).
  • The system charges a color print fee only for pages that actually include color toner.
  • You can go to any of the 8 printers in the system to get your print job—no more waiting in line for your job to emerge or finding out the printer "ate" your job. 
  • The Ricoh Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) are sturdier, faster, and overall more reliable than the HP printers they've replaced.
  • The system only charges you for pages that actually print...if a paper jam does occur, you're not charged for the pages that didn't print.
  • When you scan, the job is sent to your email ( addresses only).
  • Unprinted jobs are deleted after 48 hours.

Locations of New Ricoh MFDs

Black & White Ricoh MFD Locatons Color Ricoh MFD Locations
(these also print Black and White)
HASLab Art Library CFALab (Xerox Color Laser Printer)
Olin basement near Periodicals AWKS112
Olin 1st floor near Reference Desk HASLab
Olin 3rd floor outside Music Library Language Resource Center (Fisk 1st floor)
PACLab Olin 1st floor near Reference Desk
Science Library 1st floor Science Library 1st floor
Science Library basement STLab


Quick Links for Ricoh Printing System 

Printing and Photocopy Fees

Ricoh MFDs - Copying and Printing Cost ($)
Black and white single sided .05
Black and white duplex per sheet of paper .07
Color printing single sided .15
Color duplex per sheet of paper .25
CFA's High-end  Xerox Phaser 7750DN Color Laser Printer  .25

If you have printed something while the printers were out of toner or paper and would like to be refunded, email and explain the situation. Be sure to include which printer you printed from, how many pages, whether it was duplex, black and white or in color!