Phone & TV

Due to the prevalence of cell phones Wesleyan does not provide phone service for students. Cable is provided at no cost in the common room televisions across campus. Wesleyan's administrative phone system is called WesTel.


The Wesleyan University telephone system accommodates more than 4,500 lines. We can help if your telephone is broken, if you need to add, remove, or move a phone, or if you need to update your display. [Learn more]

VoIP (Voice-Over IP)

Wesleyan has begun implementing a Voice over IP (VoIP) solution which will eventually replace the University's aging telephone system. The phone is actually a node on Wesleyan's data network, eliminating the need to build a separate telephone network in buildings. [Learn More]

Voicemail and Dialing Instructions

For Meridian/Nortel phones [Learn more]

For VoIP/Cisco phones [Learn more]