GRADUATE INFORMATION -- Combined B.A./M.A. Program

The Department of Psychology only accepts applications from Junior Psychology Majors in the Spring Term. Application deadline: March 1st.

Senior Psychology Majors interested in the BA/MA program can be considered for the program in the first semester of their senior year only. To be considered, the student’s faculty mentor (i.e., their research advisor for the BA/MA program) should submit a petition to the Psychology Department.

Before applying to the program, a student must have identified a faculty mentor in the Psychology Department who has agreed to direct the candidate’s two-year BA/MA research.

Please direct questions regarding this program to the administrative assistant, Cathy Race, 860-685-2343, Judd Hall Room 108

Combined BA/MA Degree Program in Psychology (PDF)

B.A./M.A. Online Application

Office of Graduate Student Services - B.A./M.A. Program

Forms for Students Actively in the Program:

Every Semester - Graduate Course Verification Form

1st Year - Thesis Proposal Approval Form

1st Year - Scheduling of Thesis Proposal Meeting Form

1st Year - Establishment of Thesis Committee Form