Student Accounts


Save Paper - And Manage Your Finances Online

Wesleyan University is pleased to provide an E-Billing system for distributing Student Accounts statements.  The system also enables quick, simple online payments.

Through the E-Billing system, an e-mail will be sent to each student's Wesleyan e-mail address every time a new Student Account Statement is ready. The statement can be viewed online via our secure E-Billing website, accessible through the Electronic Portfolio.

The Wesleyan E-Billing system is convenient, easy to use, and secure. Features and benefits include:

  • 24x7 access from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Automatic student enrollment in the system
  • Students can enable guest(s) to become "Authorized Payers" to view the bill or make online payments
  • Secure log-in via the Electronic Portfolio, using your e-mail username and password
  • View your monthly Student Account Statement online
  • Make payments online directly from your checking or savings account without ever having to use postal mail or write a check
  • Access to statement and online payment history (as of your first electronic bill)
  • Ability to access and print a paper copy of the bill

Quick links to E-Billing:
Authorized Payer (aka parent, etc)
Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students
GLSP Students

Coming Summer, 2014: At the request of students Wesleyan will be implementing a new and enhanced student account management sytem.  Click here for a sneak peek.