Student Accounts


The University maintains for each student a single account to which are charged:

  • Tuition

  • Residential Comprehensive Fee

  • Standard Fees: Matriculation, Student Activity and Green Fund

  • Health Insurance (students will be billed for health insurance in September if the waiver process has not been completed)

  • Bookstore charges

  • Usdan Center store charges (limited to $1750 the first month of the fall & spring terms)

  • Laser printing charges

  • Music lessons

  • Replacement ID

  • Fines

  • Damage charges

The account is credited for:

  • Personal payments (cash, checks, E-Checks, wire transfers)

  • Financial aid (Wesleyan-based scholarships and federal student loans)

  • Other payment sources (e.g., Monthly Payment Plan, parent and student alternative loans, college savings plans and scholarships from outside Wesleyan)

You (the student) are responsible for meeting all payment deadlines. Failure to do so prevents you from enrolling, participating in course pre-registration and the housing selection process. Diplomas, grades and transcripts will also be withheld until University bills have been paid. The Undergraduate Agreement and Disclosure Statement and the Graduate Agreement and Disclosure Statement outlines your responsibilities as an account holder at Wesleyan.

An electronic account statement is rendered throughout the year detailing the charges and credits for that billing period and indicating the amount currently due and payable. Please see the E-Billing section for further details.   Bills are due and payable within 30 days.  A Late Payment Penalty of $200 may be assessed if any amount remains unpaid after 30 days.

2014-15 Billing Schedule (payment due within 30 days):

July 9 (includes fall standard charges)
August 20
September 23
October 29
November - no bill
December 3 (Includes spring standard charges)
January 14
February 25
March - no bill
April 8 (revised from April 1)
May 13 (revised from May 5)

Two bills per year include standard charges.  The remaining bills are for miscellaneous charges/credits.