Information for Parents


Depositing into the Middletown Cash Program is easy  go to:

Click on the Guest/Parent deposit button

Please enter all information asked for below

Student ID Number

This is the student's assigned six-digit Wesleyan ID number. If you do not know the ID number, please contact the student to obtain it before proceeding.

Student First Name and Last Name

You can make a deposit with a VISA, MasterCard, American Express  or Discover credit card with a domestic address.  We do not accept Debit Cards. Also, please remember to include your street address, city, state (use two letter state code) and zip code. When entering credit card number do not include spaces or hyphens.

Click on Make Guest Deposit to deposit funds

Middletown Cash funds are not available for cash withdrawal.

Having Problems? Contact the WesCard Office at 860-685-5300, Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

What Does the WesCard do ?

  • Functions as the official University Identification Card
  • Accesses all on-campus dining locations (Campus Meal Plan)
  • Functions as the University Library Card
  • Functions as the elctronic key for residence halls with exterior card access
  • Functions as the electronic key for access to the Freeman Athletic Center
  • Functions as the Middletown Cash Card providing access to a growing list of Middletown Merchants and campus services, including:
    • Laundry at most machine locations on campus
    • Broad Street Books for textbooks
    • Wesleyan Station for mailing purposes
    • The Cardinal Technology Center in the USDAN University Center for purchase of supplies
    • Vending Machines at various locations on campus

Parental Access to eAccounts Page Information

In order for parents to see balances, statements and transaction history information, they must get their student's permission first. The student needs to create a user name and password for their eportfolio  for the parent to be able to sign on to the Wescard website eAccounts page.