Wesleyan portrait of Abderrahman  Aissa

Abderrahman Aissa

Adjunct Assistant Professor in Arabic

Fisk Hall, 306


BA University of Colorado Boulder
MA University of Colorado Boulder

Abderrahman Aissa


A. Translation & interpretation. (Arabic, Tamazight, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian & Portuguese)

B. I have embarked on the ambitious linguistic journey and enterprise to explore and study seven more world languages: 1. Romanian (Limba Romana) 2. Hebrew (Safaa Ivreet) 3. Farsi (زباني فارسي) 4. Greek (Elliniki Glossa) 5. Russian (Ruskee Yazik) 6. Tuerk Dili (Turkish) 7. Finnish (Suomen kieli)

C. Using the Translation technique as one of the learning techniques in the classroom for effective learning and production of the target language.

D. Learning foreign languages using the Word/Linkword/Image association technique, learning foreign languages by making connections between the target language and one's native language (s) , background, education  & life experiences. 

F. Simplifying Grammar to make grammar less "painful" and fun: using devices & techniques to remember grammar/syntax rules ( Mnemonic devices etc)

G. World languages and their similarities

H. Linguistics.

j. Islamic Spain: History & culture


1. A biographical novel: "يومياتي مع "بنو هرقن

2. Mutterzunge: اللغة الأم Mother tongue (Translation of the German sem-biographical novel Mutterzunge by Emine Sevgi Özdamar ): Publishing

3. Common errors students of Arabic make.

4. Arabic words in world languages. (كاغيط, ميمون ) 

5. Revisiting the kinship between Arabic and Hebrew: Beyond  سلام &  עלום (Salaam & Shalom)

6. Revisiting the kinship between Arabic & Spanish: Beyond ان شاء الله & ojala   

7. Revisiting the kinship between Arabic & Farsi: Beyond صباح الخير & صبح بخير

8. Moroccan Arabic words of classical Arabic origin not used in other Arab dialects.

9. Memorizing the measure chart of Arabic verbs the easy way

10. A compendium of Top 200 survival phrases and words in Arabic & 20 other languages.



Academic Affiliations

Office Hours

T, R & F:  10-11


Fall 2021
ARAB 101 - 01
Elementary Arabic I

ARAB 201 - 01
Intermediate Arabic I

ARAB 301 - 01
Advanced Arabic I

LANG 160 - 01
Introduction to Tamazight

Spring 2022
ARAB 102 - 01
Elementary Arabic II

ARAB 202 - 01
Intermediate Arabic II

ARAB 380 - 01
Arabic-English Translation