Wesleyan portrait of Abderrahman  Aissa

Abderrahman Aissa

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Arabic

Fisk Hall, 306


BA University of Colorado Boulder
MA University of Colorado Boulder

Abderrahman Aissa

Translation & interpretation (Arabic, French, Spanish and German).

Using the Translation technique in the classroom for effective learning of the target language

Learning foreign laguages using the Word/Linkword/Image association technique.

Learning foreign languages by making connections between the target language and one's native language (s).

Simplifying Grammarto to make grammar less "painful" 

Pending projects:

يومياتي مع بني هرقن

اللغة الأم (Translation of the German sem-biographical novel Mutterzunge by Emine Sevgi Özdamar

Crucial but basic & common errors students of Arabic make

Moroccan Arabic words not commonly used in other Arab countries


Academic Affiliations

Office Hours

M , T & R: 10-11


Fall 2019
ARAB 101 - 01
Elementary Arabic I

ARAB 201 - 01
Intermediate Arabic I

ARAB 301 - 01
Advanced Arabic I