Wesleyan portrait of Abderrahman  Aissa

Abderrahman Aissa

Adjunct Assistant Professor in Arabic

Fisk Hall, 306


BA University of Colorado Boulder
MA University of Colorado Boulder

Abderrahman Aissa



1. Translation & interpreting (Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Tamazight, Portuguese & English)


2. Exploring and studying seven more exiting world languages:

Unu (1) . Romanian (Limba Romana)

שתיים (Shtayim 2). Modern Hebrew or Israeli Hebrew (עברית חדשה : Ivrit Hadasha)

 سه (seh 3) . Farsi (زبان فارسى  : Zabani Farsi)  

T¿σσερα (Tessera 4). Greek ( Ελληνικ¿ Γλ¿σσα: Elliniki Glossa)

Пять. (PyaT 5). Russian (русский язык: Ruskiy Yazik)

Altı (6). Turkish (Türk dili or Türkiye Türkçesi)

Seitsemän (7). Finnish (Suomen kieli).


3. Using the Translation technique as one of the learning techniques in the classroom for effective learning and creative production of the target language.


4. Learning foreign languages using the Word/Concept/Image association technique: making connections between the target language and one's native language (s) based on one's education, life experiences and personal background  (one' s socialization) 


5. Islamic history, particularly North Africa and the Iberian peninsula. 


6. Law and the US legal system.




1. A semi-biographical novel in Arabic :  Diaries of a country dweeb يوميات قروي نجيب


2. Mutterzunge:  Mother tongue اللغة الأم (Translation of the German semi-biographical novel Mutterzunge by Emine Sevgi Özdamar)


3. Fifty Common errors students of Arabic consistently make and how to avoid them.


4. Demystifying the Arabic language: "Tricks and Hacks" for learning and memorizing the Ten-verb Arabic Measure Chart.


5. Word and Image/concept association as an effective tool in learning Lexicon in foreign languages. 


6. Revisiting the kinship between Arabic and other languages:  Hebrew, Turkish, Spanish, Swahili and beyond !

Academic Affiliations

Office Hours

M, T & R  9:45 10:45 & by appointment


Fall 2024
ARAB 101 - 01
Elementary Arabic I

ARAB 201 - 01
Intermediate Arabic I

ARAB 301 - 01
Advanced Arabic I

ARAB 380 - 01
Arabic-English Translation

CGST 320 - 01
La España Islamica