Fiona Coffey

Associate Director for Programming and Performing Arts

Center for the Arts Hall, 205

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Theater

Fiona Coffey

Fiona Coffey is the Associate Director for Programming and Performing Arts at the Center for the Arts and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the theater department. She holds a Ph.D. in theatre history from Tufts University. Previous to this, she received an M. Phil. in Irish theatre and film from Trinity College, Dublin and a B.A. from Stanford University. Between her masters and doctorate, she spent several years at the William Morris and Harry Walker agencies, working with artists, politicians, and celebrities. This industry and practical experience greatly informs her teaching and scholarship, both of which emphasize the importance of connecting theory with practice. Her research centers around Irish drama with a focus on women dramatists and theatrical responses to the sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. Her first book, "Political Acts: Women in Northern Irish Theatre, 1921-2012" was published by Syracuse University Press (2016). She teaches theater history and arts administration.

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