Wesleyan portrait of Grace Anne Sullivan

Grace Anne Sullivan

Visiting Assistant Professor, Neuroscience and Behavior

Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology


BS Buena Vista College
MA University of Nebraska - Lincoln
PHD University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Grace Anne Sullivan

Grace Sullivan's research interests focus on individual differences in responses to social experiences including social support, social stress, and social rejection. Understanding how personal identities, traits, and past experiences interact with current social environments and situations is crucial to more individual-focused approaches to mental health.

Grace received her PhD and MA at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and her BS from Buena Vista University. She encourages students, faculty, and staff at Wesleyan to stop by her office or send her an email at any time to chat about neuroscience, psychology, exchange book recommendations, or share recipes/pet photos/music suggestions.

Academic Affiliations

Office Hours

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 11am-12pm


Fall 2022
PSYC 115F - 01
Your Brain on College (FYS)

PSYC 217 - 01
Research Methods Biopsychology