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Hassan Almohammed

Visiting Associate Professor of Humanities


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MA Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales
PHD University Blaise Pascal

Hassan Almohammed

Hassan Almohammed is a Visiting Associate Professor of the Humanities at Wesleyan University, where his academic pursuits span the fields of French, Francophone, and Intercultural Studies, Middle East Studies, Media, and Environmental Studies. He is not only an academic but also a journalist and digital artist. His multilingual abilities extend to English, Arabic, and French.

Previously, Hassan taught a seminar on the Arab Spring at Marburg University, affiliated with the Center of Conflict Studies in Germany. His academic experience also includes serving as a Visiting Professor at UC Santa Barbara and Brandeis University, along with being a Mellon Research Fellow at Columbia University (Columbia Global Centre| Amman). Additionally, he held the position of Professor of French at Sivas University in Turkey.

As a journalist and translator, Hassan has significantly contributed to documentary filmmaking in Paris, collaborating with notable entities such as Capa Presse and Arte. He has authored numerous non-fiction articles in both French and Arabic languages.

His academic record includes multiple peer-reviewed articles, a book on Poetry and Ecology, an Anthologie de poésie écologique (2019), and a My Digital Art Book (2022), Hassan has delivered talks at various international symposiums, spanning different countries including France, Tunisia, Algeria, the UK, USA, Romania, Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Cameroon, and Cote d'Ivoire.

Recently, Hassan completed a critical text in Arabic that delves into the intriguing relationship between Meteorology and Writing, focusing on narrating climate within the Arab Novel. The novels examined in this work include "The Blue Gerboa" by the Algerian Mohammad Baba Ami, "Endings" by the Saudi Abdel Rahman Munif, "The Sail and the Storm" by the Syrian Hannah Minah, and "The Gold Dust (Al Tibr)" by the Libyan Ibrahim Al Koni. He has also authored a novel titled "Papers of Love and Death: From Don Quichotte to Abu Khaizaran," which explores the impact of war in Syria.

Currently, Hassan is actively engaged in writing another novel that explores the theme of Sudanese immigration to Saudi Arabia, titled "The Immigrant's Coffin." Additionally, he is working on a Monograph project: Poetic Meteorology and Eco-Writing, Analysis of Double Climate in Francophone Literature.


Latest published articles:

- The Graffiti in Raqqa, Social and Political Memory, is being submitted to Journal of War & Culture

Studies, Forthcoming 2024.

- La migration moyenne orientale entre l’image médiatique et l’expérience socio-culturelle,

AL-MUKHATABAT المخاطبات N° 54 JANVIER-MARS 2023.


Hassan's Educational background includes:

  • 2002: MA in French Literature from Université Blaise Pascal, France.
  • 2008: EHESS, Paris, specializing in the Theory and Practice of Language and Arts.
  • 2009: Ph.D. in French Literature and Civilization from Université Blaise Pascal, France.

His diverse academic and creative pursuits showcase his commitment to the exploration and dissemination of knowledge across multiple disciplines and languages.



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