Wesleyan portrait of Rayya  El Zein

Rayya El Zein

Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology


BA Kenyon College
MA New York University
PHD CUNY The Graduate Center

Rayya El Zein

Rayya El Zein is a cultural ethnographer and scholar of performance and media in the Middle East and its diasporas. Her multi-sited research focuses on the embodied aesthetics of live performances and activist practices, while exploring the cultural politics of contemporary media debates. Her interdisciplinary work rethinks representations of Arab and Muslim youth and proposes different models of subjectivity and agency attuned to lived experiences in the contemporary Middle East.

Academic Affiliations

Office Hours

Tuesdays and Wednesdays 4:30-6:30 / and by appointment


Fall 2019
ANTH 112F - 01
Listening to the World (FYS)

ANTH 112F - 02
Listening to the World (FYS)

ANTH 304 - 01
Race and Ethnicity in MENA

Spring 2020
ANTH 218 - 01
Pop Culture and Media in MENA

ANTH 256 - 01
Anthropology of the Senses