Wesleyan portrait of Talia Johanna Andrei

Talia Johanna Andrei

Assistant Professor of Art History

Assistant Professor, East Asian Studies


BA Rutgers University
MA Columbia University
MPHIL Columbia University
PHD Columbia University

Talia Johanna Andrei

Talia J. Andrei is a specialist in medieval and early modern Japanese painting. Her dissertation focused on a genre of painting known as sankei mandara or “pilgrimage mandalas”, which are portable representations of sacred sites, carried around the country by monks and nuns for use in fundraising. She is currently developing a book project based on this research. Her publications include “Sankei Mandara: Layered Maps to Sacred Places”, which appeared in a special issue of Cross Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review, devoted to Cartography and Culture in Pre-Modern East Asia (2017); "Kanjin to chū-kinsei Nihon no zōkei: Kiyomizudera to Ise sankei mandara no kenkyū" (Temple Solicitation and the Making of Medieval-Modern Japan--A Study of Kiyomizudera sankei mandara and Ise sankei mandara) in Kokka (2017) and “Ise Sankei Mandara and the Art of Fundraising in Medieval Japan” in Art Bulletin (2018).

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Wednesdays, 4:30-6:00pm 



Fall 2024
ARHA 279 - 01
Arts of China and Japan

ARHA 284 - 01
Buddhist Art and Architecture