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Faculty Achievements: Spring 2023

Reinhold Blumel, Charlotte Augusta Ayres Professor of Physics, has recently published three papers in the journal Scientific Reports: “Effects of the coupling of dielectric spherical particles on signatures in infrared microspectroscopy;” “Space-resolved chemical information from infrared extinction spectra“, and “Domes and Semi-Capsules as Model Systems for Infrared Microspectroscopy of Biological Cells.” David Kuenzel, Associate Professor of Economics, published Non-tariff Measures: What’s Tariffs Got […]

New Research Shows 2020 Vote for Trump a Strong Predictor of Lower Vaccination Rates

In a recent article in the journal Regional and Federal Studies James McGuire, Professor of Government, found that Trump’s 2020 vote share was a strong and robust predictor of a lower COVID-19 vaccination rate across US states, US counties, and Connecticut towns alike, adjusting for wide range other factors thought to affect the vaccination rate. […]

Wesleyan Media Project Publishes New Study on 2022 Midterm Advertising

The 2022 midterm elections featured a record volume of television advertising, while, in addition, candidates in federal races spent almost $150 million on digital ads, according to a post-mortem analysis from the Wesleyan Media Project. Late February, the Wesleyan Media Project published two reports on television and digital ad spending in The Forum: A Journal […]



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