Financial Aid for DACA and Undocumented Applicants

Financial Aid Application for 2024-25

Applying as:          Deadline:         

Early Decision I            November 15th             

Early Decision II           January 1st                  

Regular Decision           January 15th                 

If you apply to Wesleyan and indicate that you will not be seeking financial assistance, you will not be eligible to receive Wesleyan financial aid until after you have been enrolled for one year/two full semesters at the university.  If you would like to apply for financial aid after you receive your admission letter, you are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss whether we are able to consider your changed circumstance since submitting your application for admission.

Documents Required:


    Submit electronically:
    Wesleyan's code number is 3959

    • Electronic processing takes approximately 3-5 business days.  Be sure to submit in a timely manner so that you do not miss the deadline.
    • In the case of divorced or separated parents, the CSS Profile should be completed by the custodial parent.  Please see item #3 in regards to the noncustodial parent.
    • You will receive a CSS acknowledgement form once your application has been processed.
  • 2. NONCUSTODIAL (NCP) PROFILE 2024-25 (if applicable)

    Submit Noncustodial Profile electronically: 
    Wesleyan's code number is 3959

    • In the case of divorced or separated parents, a PROFILE is required of both parents. 
    • Please note that the Noncustodial Profile cannot be completed prior to the start of the CSS Profile.  The students’ CSS ID number and password created during the submission of the CSS Profile are required to access and link the Noncustodial Profile with the student.

    Submit 2022 tax documentation to IDOC:

    • After completion of the CSS Profile, generally within 1-3 business days, you will receive information regarding how to login to IDOC.   
    • 2022 federal tax returns are required from the parent(s) and student, if filed.
    • In the case of divorced or separated parents, please submit the information in the same manner as the custodial parent documentation.  Note that information is not accessible once uploaded in order to maintain confidentiality.  Electronic submission is recommended to avoid delays. If you choose not to submit electronically and prefer to submit via postal mail, you will find instructions on how to do so on your IDOC dashboard.
  • 4. BUSINESS and/or FARM TAX RETURNS (if applicable)

    Submit most recent tax documentation to IDOC:

    • If the student or parent(s) operate a business or farm, include a copy of the most recent partnership or corporate tax return.