Tuition, Fees, Financial Aid and Payment

Matriculation, Registration and other fees



The per-credit course charged to undergraduate BLS students for 2021-2022

Matriculation Fee


A one-time fee paid at time of acceptance of admission (not refundable)

Student Activity Fee


Each fall or spring term in which a student enrolls. This fee will allow students to participate in extracurricular activities on campus (clubs, theater groups, etc.). BLS students have the option of requesting an automatic waiver if they do not intend to participate in any campus activities outside of classes (those who take the waiver and then participate will be subject to disciplinary action).


Course registration fee


Each term in which a student enrolls (not refundable)

Green Fund Fee


An opt-out fee set by students to fund sustainability projects on campus(Opt out link available  in WesPortal through the last day of drop/add each semester).



  • For Fall and Spring term courses: Students will be emailed an invoice early September and early February, and must make payment in full through the Student Account Center within 30 days.
  • For Summer and Winter Sessions: Payment is due before you can be registered for courses.
  • Forms of payment accepted:
    • E-check
    • International wire
    • Private loans
    • Outside scholarships
    • Veteran’s Benefits (eligible students only)
    • Monthly payment plan (fall and spring only)
    Please see the Student Accounts Office website for more details on exact billing dates and payment options.

Financial Aid
Financial aid is not offered at this time.

Refund Policy

  • Fall and spring terms: students who withdraw from a course by the deadline below will have the following tuition refund posted to their student account.
    • Fall 21 Spring 22 Refund %
      By Sept 5 By Jan 26 100%
      Sept 6 - 19 Jan 27 - Feb 9 75%
      After Sept 19 After Feb 9 0%
  • Summer Session, Winter Session: Please see the Winter Session and Summer Session sites for information specific to those terms.
  • The matriculation and registration fees are not refundable.

Refund of Credit Balances: Credit balances remain on student accounts and are applied to future registrations unless the student requests a refund from the Student Accounts Office.  Please submit the refund form to to request a refund of a credit balance on your student account.