Academics and Degree Requirements

Students taking Wesleyan courses for credit online in a U.S. state outside of Connecticut may use this form to submit questions or concerns.

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree offers the following area concentrations:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Every Wesleyan course has a “General Education” designation that places the course into one of these three areas. To view the list of courses available in each area, visit Wesmaps, Wesleyan's online course catalog.

Requirements for a concentration:

  • 12 courses within the chosen General Education category area
    • 8 within a specific department* – at least 4 of those taken at Wesleyan
    • 4 in other departments in the General Education category area
    • At least 8 courses number 201 or higher
  • 8 courses outside the chosen General Education category area
  • 12 electives – inside or outside the chosen General Education category area
  • All approved degree requirements must be met (see below)

For the more focused student, a BLS area concentration may be combined with an existing minor, in which case, the transcript would list both the area concentration and the minor. BLS students also have the option to complete a standard major to serve as their concentration if it is feasible given their schedule and/or entry requirements for the major, and self-designed concentrations are possible with the approval of the faculty governing board.

* For students in Wesleyan's Center for Prison Education the concentration requires 5 courses within a specific department and 7 courses in the chosen General Education category area.

Degree Requirements:

  • Completion of 32 credits
  • Completion of a Concentration consisting of at least 8 credits (at least 9 for honors)
  • At least 16 credits earned through Wesleyan courses (may include courses taken via the regular fall and spring semesters, Summer Session, Winter Session, GLS courses taken for undergraduate credit, or the Center for Prison Education)
  • Minimum 74.00 GPA
  • Honors possible upon completion and evaluation of an honors project (normally a thesis)
  • General education expectations (required for honors)
  • Graduate Liberal Studies courses taken for undergraduate credit count as 0.75 BLS credits. BLS students may count a maximum of 8 GLS courses (equivalent to 6 BLS courses) toward the BLS degree; students may not take GLS courses until the student has successfully completed 16 credits toward the BLS degree. 

Academic Advising:

The BLS is a small, individualized program, and in many cases, students may need to find creative ways to complete the degree. BLS students will work closely with an advisor to devise their plan of study.

  • BLS students pursuing an area concentration will be advised by a member of the Continuing Studies staff or a Class Dean.
  • BLS students pursuing a standard departmental major and/or minor will be advised by a faculty advisor in the department.