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Our majors provide a depth of knowledge in and a breadth of understanding of a particular field of study, while minors and certificates allow you to craft a cohesive concentration of courses to either complement your major or explore other areas of academic interest.

While Wesleyan has no core requirements, the University has established General Education Expectations that are designed to encourage breadth within the student educational experience. Students select courses in consultation with advisors, creating customized itineraries of study in three intellectual spheres: the arts and humanities (HA), the social and behavioral sciences (SBS), and the natural sciences and mathematics (NSM).

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Other Academic Programs of Interest

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    BA/MA Program

    For students in the natural sciences, mathematics and psychology, this free fifth-year curricular option allows students to immerse in an intensive research experience.

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    University Major

    Sophomores can design a program that responds to individual interests and aptitudes, with the challenge of using the methodologies of two or more disciplines, and the excitement to work independently on an entire program.


Medical schools welcome students with a strong background in the liberal arts, one that incorporates the scientific and quantitative knowledge necessary to thrive in medical school in a larger intellectual context. Wesleyan graduates are able to analyze and integrate new material—and to stay on top of constantly evolving professional fields—because they are used to interdisciplinary thought and are knowledgeable, skilled, and confident in more than one field of learning.


Law schools welcome students with a strong background in the liberal arts. With its emphasis on interdisciplinary studies, achieving facility with multiple perspectives, developing the habit of continual problem solving, and engaged speaking and writing, Wesleyan produces confident, knowledgeable, and skilled graduates who have an ideal foundation for both studying and practicing law.