Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory Certificate

The Certificate in Social, Cultural, and Critical Theory aims to facilitate a coordinated, inter-disciplinary program of study that encourages students to seek out theory-intensive courses in a wide range of disciplines with the aim of developing proficiency in the study of critical theory. The commitment to critical theory evidenced in the scholarship and coursework of the Wesleyan faculty is one of the university's greatest and most distinctive strengths. The Certificate allows students to identify and leverage these curricular assets.

A preliminary-but not at all exhaustive-inventory of interrelated domains might include social theory; cultural theory; critical media studies; continental and social philosophy; political theory; intellectual history and historiography; post-colonial theory; critical race studies; feminist theory; psychoanalytic theory; literary theory; film theory; musicology and music theory; aesthetic theory; religion and ontotheology; political economy; and science studies.

Center for the Humanities