The study of literature fosters critical thinking about the relationships among literature, culture and history. Students of English become adept critics of poetry, novels, essays, and plays. They develop knowledge of the history of literary culture and about the evolving genres, forms, and ideologies of literary expression. They study the relation of literary texts to their historical contexts, and they learn to read critically in political speech, popular culture, and the discourses that structure everyday life. As they develop their knowledge, students of English hone their skills as critical writers and explore their potential as creative voices. At Wesleyan, English faculty and students work together to produce new knowledge about literature and to create new literary texts.



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English Writing Prizes

Applications for the English Department Writing Prizes are now being accepted. Deadline is Monday, December 2, 2019 at 5:00 PM. For application information and Google Form link go to Prizes and Fellowships. For additional questions please contact the English Department Administrative Assistant, Liz Tinker, at etinker@wesleyan.edu.

English Department Information

Nov 14

English Lecture Series

04:30 pm

Downey #200

Recent Publications

Clare's Lyric
Stephanie Kuduk Weiner, Oxford University Press, June 2014

Recent Publications

Episodic Poetics
Matthew Garrett, Oxford University Press, 2014

Recent Publications

South Haven
Hirsh Sawhney, Akashic Books (May 3, 2016)

Recent Publications

Repetition and Race
Amy Tang, Oxford University Press, 2016

Recent Publications

Empiricist Devotions
Courtney Weiss Smith, University of Virginia Press, 2016

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