English Department Advising Expert: 

The English Department has appointed the following faculty to serve as overall advising experts should students have any questions regarding the English major. English majors should first seek the advice of their assigned faculty advisor, but if unable to contact should feel free to reach out to one of the faculty below:

Advising For English Majors: 

  • English Department Faculty Advisors are assigned after a student has requested and been approved as an English major. If a student wishes to be advised by a particular member of the Department, he or she must obtain that faculty member’s agreement prior to applying to the major. Students will be notified of their assignment by email, but this information can also be found  in each student's e-portfolio under Academic Career > Advisor Information.  
  • Advisor Reassignments: When Department members are absent from their duties for whatever reason (sabbaticals, leaves, retirements, etc.) the Department Administrative Assistant will reassign their advisees.  We do our best to keep changes to a minimum and inform students of these changes, but again, this information will be found in student e-portfolios as stated above.
  • Meeting with Advisors:Students should plan to see their advisors at least twice a semester, once during the Drop/Add period to discuss their plans, and once again during Pre-Registration for the following term.  Please plan ahead.  Advisors have regular office hours and will make special appointments if necessary, but they cannot be available at all times.
  • Faculty Advising Experts:Should students be unable to reach their assigned faculty advisor you should contact one of the department Advising Experts noted above.