Study Abroad

Wesleyan-Sussex Exchange Program

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Since 1990 the English Department has sponsored a Spring Semester Study Abroad program at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England.  The program is limited to a select group of English majors who study with regular Sussex students for two full British terms, earning five Wesleyan credits.  Sussex courses may be counted toward department requirements.  Students pay Wesleyan tuition and receive Wesleyan financial aid.  The University of Sussex is a highly regarded, intellectually stimulating institution situated on a rural campus within easy reach of London, just outside the South Coast city of Brighton.  Wesleyan students live with other Sussex students either on campus or in the town.  

For more information, please contact Professor Joel Pfister, the program coordinator, at

Other Study Abroad Options

English majors study abroad in all parts of the world. The Department urges students interested in studying in England to first consider the Wesleyan-Sussex Exchange Program (see above). Students should discuss their plans with their advisors as early as possible. Particular care must be taken if a student wishes to study abroad for an entire year and/or is a double major. When considering studying abroad as an English major, please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Portfolio review may be required for some programs.
  • Courses eligible for study abroad credit to the English Department must be upper-level courses on topics regularly offered in U.S. English departments. These courses would focus on literature written in English or on bodies of work such as modern drama, epic poetry, or the Bible that often appear in English department curricula.
  • Courses in literature in translation are not eligible for major credit, although English majors may choose to count one course in this area as their elective "in a related area" course.
  • Up to 3 credits taken abroad--5 credits from the Sussex program--may count toward the major.
  • Only courses offered in the English departments of Wesleyan or Sussex can count toward the departmental requirements in Theory, Literary History I and II, and Literatures of Difference. (Class of 2023 and Beyond: Departmental requirements will change to Theory, Creative Writing, Literary History I, II, and III, American Lit, British Lit, and World Lit.) Students who believe that a course they have taken or will take abroad should fulfill a core requirement of the major may "petition" the Department for an exception to this rule.

Study Abroad Approval

English majors should see their departmental advisor to have their study abroad forms signed.
Sophomores who intend to major in English but have not yet formally declared and/or been assigned a departmental advisor should consult the department’s Transfer of Credit/Study Abroad coordinator.