Transfer Credit

Wesleyan Students may obtain transfer credit for courses taken at other universities in the United States in the summer or during a leave of absence. 

  • Transfer of Credit Deadlines: Transfer of Credit requests are only accepted during the Fall and Spring semesters, when classes are in session. The cut-off dates are:
    • Fall Semester: December 15th
    • Spring Semester: May 15th
  • The course(s) must be pre-approved
  • No more than two credits may be earned during a summer

Please Note:

  • For study abroad credit for English Majors: please consult Study Abroad here.
  • For Transfer students from another college or university: Please consult the department chair or the Transfer of Credit Coordinator.
  • For "education in the field" and internship credit: Please consult the current Transfer of Credit Coordinator.

English Transfer of Credit Procedure:

All credit transfer applications should be submitted by email or in hard copy to the Transfer of Credit coordinator. An application includes the following documents:

  1. A "Permission to Transfer Credit Application Form," which can be downloaded at
  2. A catalog description of the course. A printout from a university website is acceptable.
  3. A full syllabus for the course, specifying the schedule of readings and a description of written and oral assignments. A syllabus from an earlier offering of the course is usually acceptable. A course may receive prior approval without a syllabus, but a final determination on the application will not be made until a full syllabus has been received.

Please note the following when considering a course for credit transfer:

  • A course will normally be eligible for credit if it is an upper-division course in English or American literature, literary theory, or linguistics.
  • Partial credit is sometimes awarded if a course is less than the equivalent of a Wesleyan course in terms of contact hours, content, and requirements.
  • Courses approved by the transfer-of-credit coordinator for English major credit may also fulfill major requirements if deemed appropriate by the transfer-of-credit coordinator. Note: Students on the creative-writing path may count only 1 course taken elsewhere toward their creative-writing requirements.
  • Upon special review, a fourth course taken at a previous university may count towards the English major for students who transfer into Wesleyan during their junior year.
  • Composition courses in analytical or academic writing are eligible for credit for students for whom English is a second language and for students whose major is not English.
  • Transfer credit for composition courses may not be counted toward the English major.
  • For online courses, students should also provide the Transfer of Credit coordinator with information on formal contact with faculty and peer students.