The academic component of the Bailey COE comprises the Environmental Studies Linked Major and the Environmental Studies minor. The Linked Major was established in 2009 and the minor was established in 2020 (replacing the Certificate in Environmental Studies, established in 1998). Both of these options are open to students from all majors. Currently, students enrolled in these programs major in more than 20 different departments or programs, and our 25+ faculty members belong to more than 15 departments or programs. This diversity reflects the deep and widespread interest in environmental issues on the Wesleyan campus.

Comparison between ENVS linked-major program and ENVS minor

The ENVS linked-major program requires a substantial amount of immersion and focused concentration in environmental studies compared to the minor. The purpose of the minor is to provide limited exposure and basic level of expertise in environmental studies. Many students use the minor as a demonstration for employers in environmental fields that they have had a basic immersion. The following table lists the features of the linked major and the minor. 

Linked Major
Introductory Course 1 1
Distribution of Electives none Minimally 2 divisions, 3 departments
Number of Electives 7 6
Core Courses Required 3 0
# upper-level courses required 0 0
Number of Courses from Primary Major allowed 3 Not restricted
Senior Capstone Project required none
Senior Colloquium required none