Student Opportunities

We encourage Wesleyan undergraduate students to apply for a year-long (two semester) Fellowship in the Think Tank of the College of the Environment.  Student Fellows spend their time pursuing and completing an original research project that coincides with the Think Tank theme for the year. The original research project is most often a senior capstone project (e.g., senior thesis, senior essay, senior choreography, etc.).  The research project may be mentored by any Wesleyan faculty member, whether or not they are a member of the Think Tank. Student Fellows are also expected to attend the Schumann seminar series as well as the annual Where On Earth Are We Going Symposium and the Earth Day Keynote Address. In addition, Student Fellows are required to meet weekly to discuss the theme and their research. Upon request Student Fellows are provided with office space in the College of the Environment. Student Fellows may elect to receive credit for their participation in the Think Tank.

For inquiries and additional information, please contact Barry Chernoff, Director of the College of the Environment at or 860-685-2452.