The University Major

The University Major affords first and second-semester sophomores the opportunity to design a program that responds to their individual interests and aptitudes, that provides the excitement and the challenge of using the methodologies of two or more disciplines, and that gives sophomores the chance to work independently on an entire program, developing the necessary background and integrating the courses chosen in order to achieve the objectives that are set.

A student who wishes to arrange a University Major should discuss their intended program with members of the faculty in the student’s fields of interest. The purpose of the discussions is to help the student clarify preliminary plans and select the three faculty members who will serve as sponsors.

The proposal and supporting documents should be submitted to by November 1 for fall admission to the University Majors program and by April 1 for spring admission. The Committee on University Majors meets twice yearly, normally in November and April.

If your University Major proposal has not been reviewed by the major declaration deadline, you still must declare a major.  You must be truly prepared to major in what you declare, since not all applications are successful.

The Senior Concentration form of University Majors must be signed by a principal faculty sponsor and by the University Major Coordinator.

First and second-semester sophomores who are interested in the University Major can find more information and an application at University Major Application.

Sample Proposals:

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