Student Account Refunds

Digital Payments

Refunds of credit balances in your student account must be requested by submitting a “Credit Balance Withdrawal Request” form (must be submitted by the student, not the parent/guardian).

The fastest and most convenient way to receive your student account refund is by Digital Payment to your personal bank account (for banks located within the United States only). Digital Payments utilize the Zelle ACH payment network (if you have an existing Zelle account or your bank is a member of Zelle be sure to link your Wesleyan email address). The sign up process is quick and easy! Once Wesleyan initiates your student account refund follow these steps:

  1. Select the ‘Accept Money’ button in the email sent on behalf of Wesleyan University from Chase Payments (

  2. Complete the one time ‘Sign Up’ process

  3. Select the ‘Transfer to Bank Account’ button to begin the transfer of funds

    • You can also select the ‘Decline Digital Payment’ button to have a check mailed to your WesBox or home address

  4. Enter your bank account information (routing and account numbers) and select ‘Submit’

  5. Reconfirm account information and select ‘Confirm and Transfer’

    • You’ll receive a confirmation notice that the funds will be deposited to your bank account (0-2 business days)

Choosing the ‘Decline Digital Payment’ option or not taking any action for 14 calendar days from the day the Digital Payment email is sent will result in a check being mailed to your WesBox (during the academic year) or your home address. Mailed student refund checks can take up to 3 weeks to arrive.

Students separated from Wesleyan University and/or who no longer have access to their Wesleyan email address will have a check mailed to the home address on file.

If you have any questions regarding a student account refund please contact us at / 860.685.3080.

For Digital Payment sign up process technical support please contact Chase Payments at 855.267.0428. To access and manage your Chase Payments account please visit, .