Student Accounts


Authorized Participants

The NEW Student Account Center makes it easy for students to authorize other people to assist with the management of their student account. As a guest of the student, Authorized Participants can:

  • View the static Student Account Statement
  • View real-time account activity
  • Make payments to the student account on the student's behalf (see Making Payments)
  • Print a copy of the statement for sending payments by mail or for record-keeping
  • Enroll in a monthly payment plan at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters

To access the Authorized Participant website in the NEW Student Account Center, please go to 

How a Student Can Set Up an Authorized Participant

  • Log in to the Student Account Center via the Student Portfolio; select "Manage Account Access"; enter the name and email address of your guest and submit.
  • The Authorized Participant will be sent a registration invitation.  Once the invitation has been accepted the Authorized Participant has access to the Student Account Center.
  • Each billing cycle, both the student and any Authorized Participant will receive an email notifying them that the E-Billing Statement is ready to be viewed. Students access the Student Account Center through the Student Portfolio.   Authorized Participants receive a link in their email that takes them directly to the Student Account Center login page.
  • If a student wishes to remove an Authorized Participant, he or she can log in to the Student Account Center "Manage Account Access" and "delete" the guest.

Authorized Participant for Student Account Center versus Guest Access to Portfolio

A student may grant an individual guest access to his or her Student Portfolio to view a variety of items (grades, 1098T, etc.).  Please note that this access is separate from the Authorized Participant Access in the Student Account Center.