Authorized Participants

Student Account Center makes it easy for students to authorize other people to assist with the management of their on-line student account. As a guest of the student, Authorized Participants can:

  • View the static Student Account Statement
  • View real-time account activity
  • Make payments to the student account on the student's behalf (see Making Payments)
  • Print a copy of the statement for sending payments by mail or for record-keeping
  • Enroll in a monthly payment plan at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters

To access the Authorized Participant website in Student Account Center, please go to wesleyan.afford.com 

How a Student Can Set Up an Authorized Participant

  • Log in to the Student Account Center via WesPortal; select "Manage Account Access"; enter the name and email address of your guest and submit.
  • The Authorized Participant will be sent a registration invitation.  Once the invitation has been accepted the Authorized Participant has access to the Student Account Center.
  • Each billing cycle, both the student and any Authorized Participant will receive an email notifying them that the E-Billing Statement is ready to be viewed. Students access the Student Account Center through WesPortal.   Authorized Participants receive a link in their email that takes them directly to the Student Account Center login page.
  • If a student wishes to remove an Authorized Participant, he or she can log in to the Student Account Center "Manage Account Access" and "delete" the guest.