Student Accounts

Student Accounts Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Information

  • When is my payment due?
    • Standard semester charges (tuition, fees, residential comprehensive fee) are due and payable within 30 days of the July and December statement date. Other charges are billed nine times throughout the year and are also due within 30 days. Students cannot complete the enrollment process for the respective semesters until their balances have been satisfied.  Any balance unpaid after the due date is subject to a $200 late payment penalty.
  • Where do I send my payment?
    • We hope that you will try the online payment feature of the Wesleyan E-Billing system, but if you decide to send a paper check to pay your bill, please send it (along with the payment stub) to the Student Account's Office, 237 High Street, Middletown, CT  06459. Please be sure to list the student's name and Wesleyan ID number on the front of the check.  International payments are accepted via peerTransfer.
  • What if I order my check payments through an on-line banking service?
    • We hope that you will try the online payment feature of the Wesleyan E-Billing system.  Alternatively, if you choose to make payments using a different online banking service, please direct your checks to the Student Accounts Office at 237 High Street, Middletown, CT 06459.  Be sure to write your name and Wesleyan ID number on the memo line.  Please keep in mind that your bank will send a paper check rather than send payment by EFT.
  • What if my payment needs special handling?
    • If you are mailing a scholarship or loan check, or one check for multiple students, please send it to the Student Accounts Office at 237 High Street, Middletown, CT 06459.  Be sure to identify the student(s) by name and Wes ID.
  • What is the address for delivery services, such as FedEx and UPS?
    • Overnight payments should be sent to Wesleyan University, Student Accounts Office, 237 High Street, Middletown, CT 06459.  Please note that Priority US Mail does not come to this address.  All U.S. mail is routed through the campus mailroom.
  • Can I send payments via wire transfer?
    • Yes, although we do not receive that information until 24 to 48 hours after the transaction.  Please contact us directly at for bank information and wiring instructions.
      For international payments we recommend utilizing peerTransfer.
  • Can I pay by credit or debit card?
    • No, the University does not accept credit or debit card payments for undergraduate or graduate accounts.
  • How is the Tuition Management Systems (TMS) Monthly Payment Plan credited to my account?
    • Pending credit is applied to your account for the full semester amount of your plan.  Plan payments will be applied to your account and the pending credit decreased accordingly.

      Payments for miscellaneous monthly charges that appear on the bill and that are not included in your TMS Plan should be sent directly to the student's account by any of the payment methods listed above.

  • What if a payment does not appear on my statement?
    • We may have received the check after the statement was generated; please confirm receipt by clicking on "Student Account" within your portfolio.  If it appears that we did not receive a payment that you sent, please contact your bank to determine if the check has been cashed.  If so, please send us a copy of the front and back of the cancelled check so we can research the matter.  Also, please remember that your E-Bill is a "snapshot in time" as of the date of that bill.  Subsequent payments will appear on your next E-Bill.
  • What happens if my check is returned?
    • Our bank will automatically re-deposit all returned checks before they return the checks to our office.  There is a $30 penalty if a check is returned.  The University may also require, at its discretion, that all future payments be made by cashier's check.
  • How do I opt out of the Green Fund Fee?
    • You may opt out of this charge each semester from the time the charge appears on your account through the end of drop/add.  To opt out click on the link within the Financial Information section of your e-portfolio.


  • How do I get my bill? Can more than one person have access to my bill?
    • An e-mail notification will be sent from the Student Accounts Office to all students and their Authorized Payers whenever a new statement is generated.  The students' notification will be sent to their Wesleyan e-mail address; notifications to Authorized Payers will be sent to the e-mail address(es) set up in their online profiles.

      The bill can be easily printed from the E-Billing system using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not already have this application installed on your desktop, please click on the following icon:

  • What if I want a paper bill?
    • Wesleyan has designated E-Billing as the official system for distributing Student Accounts statements.  If a student has a specific reason for being unable to use the E-Billing system, the student may apply to receive paper bills by submitting a Paper Bill Request Form, available online at
  • Can I have my E-Bill sent to my personal e-mail account instead of my Wesleyan e-mail account?
    • In the E-Billing system, students (and Authorized Payers) also have the option to add a secondary e-mail address for E-Bill notification by updating their User Preferences.  Once a second email address is entered and saved, notification will be sent to both addresses.
  • I want my parent to also receive the e-bill. What do I do?
    • If you would like another person to receive the bills you must create an "Authorized Payer" (AP) account in QuikPay.  Through the E-Bill link in your portfolio you will be able to create the AP account.
  • I am an Authorized Payer, but I did not receive the e-bill?
    • Be sure that your email account doesn not block mail from Also be sure that your email address is current.
  • I am having trouble logging in and I know I am using the correct password. What is the issue?
    • The username and password are case sensitive.  Often times the entry is incorrect because of a lowercase/uppercase mismatch.  If you are unsure, use the Forgot Password feature.
  • I cannot locate my password. What do I do?
    • At the log in, enter your Username and click on Forgot PasswordQuikPay will send a temporary password to the user's email account.  Log in using the temporary password and then be sure to immediately change the password.  Note: If you have already set up your banking information QuikPay will prompt you to validate the banking information upon log in.  This is a security feature to protect your information.
  • I made a payment; why is it not reflected on the bill?
    • The e-bill is a snapshot in time and is not updated until the next bill is sent.  To see transactions on the account in between billing statements, open your electronic portfolio and click on Student Account.  You may grant limited portfolio access to your Authorized Payer if he/she also needs to see these transactions.  Read about how to grant guest access to your portfolio at
  • Under Make Payment, it lists a Payment Amount. Must I pay this amount?
    • The program automatically lists the amount on the latest bill.  You may change it to whatever amount you would like to pay by highlighting the amount showing and entering your desired payment amount.
  • I accidentally entered the wrong amount when I submitted the payment. Can I change it?
    • Payments are submitted to Wesleyan each day after 3:00pm.  A payment may be cancelled by a member of the Student Accounts staff if it is before 2:30pm that same day or was made after 3:00pm the previous day. To cancel a payment, please call the office at (860)685-2800.
  • How do I know if my payment went through?
    • Once a payment has been submitted successfully via QuikPay you will receive a confirmation number.  To see all your electronic payment transactions and confirmation numbers click on Transaction History.
  • I sent a paper check to Wesleyan. Why is it not reflected under Transaction History?
    • Transaction History reflects only the electronic payments made via QuikPay. To view receipt of payment in between e-billing statements you must use the Student Account link within the electronic portfolio.  Authorized Payers must be granted guest access to the Student Account link within portfolio.  Only the student can grant guest access to his/her portfolio.
  • How do I access my account history (i.e., view prior e-bills)?
    • Click on View Accounts and choose Statement History.  You may then look at (and print) each bill showing all transactions during that time period by clicking on the magnifying glass to the left of each billing statement. 
      If you would prefer one running total of transactions, go to your electronic portfolio and choose Student Account.  From the dropdown menu on that screen choose View Account Bal/History.
  • I need an official billing statement for a third party (insurance carrier, employer, etc). Can I get this from QuikPay?
    •  Yes.  Click on View Accounts and choose Current Statement (if you need a copy of a previous statement, go to Statement History and choose the one you need).  On the top third of the View Account screen, there is a PDF icon.  Opening this document (it opens in Acrobat Adobe) will give you Wesleyan-formatted billing statement.

Financial Aid

  • Why is my financial aid not showing on my bill?
    • This means either that the Financial Aid Office does not have all of the documents required to prepare your package, or that your application has recently become complete and is currently being processed.  Please review you application status via SIMON in the Financial Information section of your Electronic Portfolio.
  • Why isn't my work-study listed on my bill?
    • Federal work-study is paid based upon the number of hours worked.  Since it is a paycheck that goes directly to the student, it cannot be deducted from the balance due.

Meal Plans and Health Insurance

  • How do I change my meal plan?
    • Please see the WesCard Office website regarding changes and change deadlines for meal plans.  Additional points can be added to your plan at any time during the academic year up to the last of classes of the second semester.  These points will be billed to your student account.
  • How can I obtain proof of enrollment for insurance purposes?