Please note the Registrar's Office will be closed at noon on Fridays from June 7th through August 2nd.


Enrollment Certification Form


Certification of enrollment requests may be submitted electronically or, if you prefer, you can download the Certification of Enrollment Request form if other documentation needs to accompany the certification letter.  Enrollment request forms and additional documentation can be faxed to (860) 685-2601, or mailed to:

ATTN: Rosie Villard
Registrar's Office
Wesleyan University
237 High Street
Middletown, CT. 06459

If enrollment verification is required between semesters, particularly during the summer months, the Registrar's Office can produce a provisional letter stating that the student is expected to enroll for the upcoming semester, provided that the student has been admitted to and accepted admission to Wesleyan for the upcoming year or is a continuing student in good standing. This provisional letter is typically accepted by insurance companies. The Registrar's Office will then follow-up with a letter confirming enrollment once the semester has started and the student has officially enrolled.  If you are requesting a provisional enrollment verification, please note this on the request form under special instructions. The Registrar's Office sends a list of all students who are expected to enroll in the University that semester, who have been admitted and accepted admission to Wesleyan or are continuing students in good standing, to the National Student Clearinghouse prior to each semester. This occurs on or about August 25 for the fall semester and on or about January 10 for the spring semester.