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Student Forums are student-run group tutorials, numbered 419 or 420 and must be sponsored by a faculty member and approved by the chair of a department or program.

  • Students are not permitted to audit forums.
  • Student forums are limited to 15 students, plus the student leaders.
  • Students should email the student leader to enroll in forums.
  • Students will be enrolled in the forum within 2 business days of receipt of the roster from the student leader.
  • Students may count a maximum of four credits in any combination of the following:
    • maximum of one credit in physical education (PHED)
    • maximum of one credit in self-paced language courses
    • (LANG 104), and no more than one-half credit in any one language
    • maximum of two student forum credits (419, 420)
    • independent study and education-in-the-field credits (467, 468, 469, 470)
    • maximum of one-half internship credit (CSPL 493)
    • maximum of two teaching apprentice credits (491, 492)

Memo to Departments

Proposal Guidelines


Approved Student Forums (Current Term and Archives)

Any questions, please contact Tracey Stanley.