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General Education

General Education Expectations are divided into Stages 1 and 2:
  • Stage 1 requires two course credits in each of the 3 divisions, all in different departments
  • Stage 2 requires one additional course credit in each of the 3 divisions, in any department, by graduation

For a list of current courses that fulfill Gen Ed Expectations, click the link on the bottom right of WesMaps.

The following majors have General Education requirements either for the major or to receive honors.

Art History

Candidates for honors in art history are required to be compliant with the University’s General Education Expectations (through Stage 2).

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Art Studio

Art studio majors are required to fulfill their general education requirements as described by the University guidelines, since all are required to complete a senior thesis for honors.


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College of Social Studies

Completion of the University’s General Education Expectations at both stages I and II is also required of CSS majors, although majors have until the end of the junior year to complete stage I expectations.

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Earth and Environmental Sciences

Candidates for honors in E&ES are required to complete the University’s General Education Expectations through stage II.

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  • Stage 2 must be complete to receive honors in government.
  • For more information about Government Department regulations involving the General Education Expectations, please visit the Government Department's majoring page.

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Music majors are advised to complete their General Education Expectations (three each of HA, NSM, and SBS courses). Prospective majors who have not taken enough courses outside of the Music Department may be refused entry into the major. Students who fail to fulfill the General Education Expectations are generally not considered for department prizes and honors.

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Stage I General Education Expectations must be satisfied at the time of admission to the major (six different departments, please refer to WesMaps for GenEd area and department). Students enrolled in courses needed to complete admission requirements during the second term of their sophomore year should still declare the major but will not be formally admitted until the end of the term upon successful completion of these courses. Students with outstanding requirements to complete should either declare a second major or submit a major deferral form to their class dean in the event they are unable to successfully complete the admission requirements for psychology. Fulfilling stage II General Education Expectations is required for completion of the major.

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Completion of Stage 1 and 2 of General Education Expectations is a prerequisite for high honors in theater.

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