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  • Incomplete Provisional Grade
    The provisional grade is the grade the student would receive if no additional work was submitted.  Therefore, the provisional grade should represent the lowest grade the student would receive without submission of the additional work.
  • Incomplete Information & Instructions
    Detailed information available here.
  • AU, DNA, I, P, W, and X grades
    AU* Audit If a student attends class as an auditor; not for credit.
    I* Incomplete -- Accompanied by a Provisional Grade To use if a student needs time beyond the end of a semester to complete missing work. Incomplete grades only appear in grade rosters after an incomplete request is approved. The provisional grade must be the grade the student will receive if no further work is submitted.
    DNA Did Not Attend Use if a student never attended the course.
    PHB Problem -- Honor Board Violation Use if a student has a pending Honor Board case; converted to a final grade after the case is resolved.
    PWD Problem -- Though Student Withdrew Use if a student intended to withdraw from the class; converted to a W or final grade after consultation with the Class Dean.
    PWS Problem -- Wrong Section Use if a student was enrolled in the wrong section of a course; to be resolved with consultation with the Class Dean.
    W* Withdrew Indicates the student officially withdrew from the course.
    X Deferred Grade Usually only used for students pursuing honors. They may receive a deferred grade in their 409 tutorial until their 410 tutorial is complete. The 409 grade will be updated to match the 410 grade during spring grade entry.

    *Review the Academic Regulations for more details about these grade options.

    • For more information about problem grades, you may contact the Class Deans and/or check out the useful forms.
    • Once final grades are available for Incompletes (I grades) and relevant problem grades (P), use the "Change of Grade" link in Course Management.
    • "I" grades appear on the official transcript as "IN" until a final grade is reported.
    • "DNA" and "P" grades appear on the official transcript as ## until the grade is resolved.
    • If you have further grade-entry questions, send an email to
  • Change of Grade
    Refer to the Academic Regulations for information regarding changing grades. Instructors must wait one day after posting a grade to change a grade within WesPortal>Course Management>Change of Grade.
  • Save vs. Post
    • At the top of the grade roster, in the center, you will see a drop-down menu with a submit button next to it.
    • Use the drop-down menu to select either SAVE or POST and then hit the submit button.
      • You will be directed to a confirmation page where you will be asked to confirm the grades that you are saving or posting.
    • SAVE: saves the grades so you may go back and work on them at a later date.
      • They do not post to the students' records.
    • POST: finalizes the grades and posts them to the students' records.
      • They will appear in the students' academic history after an overnight process.
      • If you posted the grades and a student states they cannot see them, they need to check the next day OR they did not submit all of their teaching evaluations.
    • Once you've posted grades, if any changes are required, use the Change of Grade link in Course Management.