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It has become more common for document authentication to be required in international transactions (transferring to an international university, applying for employment outside of the United States).  Authentication certification verifies that the Notary Public notarizing a copy of your transcript or diploma is on record with the CT Secretary of the State's Office.

If you need to have your transcript prepared for document Authentication, you must indicate this when submitting your transcript request through the National Student Clearinghouse. In order for the Registrar's Office to prepare your transcript for document authentication, we will need to produce an official copy of your transcript and return it to you with a written notarized statement verifying that the transcript is original. Please allow an additional two to three days for this service.

If you need to have your diploma prepared for document authentication, you must first mail us your original diploma with a request for document authentication. Please allow three to five days for this service. After we make a copy of the diploma and notarize the copy, both the original diploma and notarized copy will be returned to you.

Upon receipt of these documents, you must then send these documents to the Secretary of the State's Office, State of Connecticut, along with an Authentication Order Form (available at the Secretary of the State's website) and the appropriate Authentication Services fees.   Below is the link to the Secretary of the State's Office, where you can find additional information.