Due to COVID-19, our office is working remotely. For the most prompt service, please view our staff contact page and send an email directly to the staff member who can best assist you.

Drop/Add Process  

Students must first click the "Enroll Me" button in their WesPortal before they will be permitted to participate in drop/add.

For assistance with drop/add, please send an email directly to Karri Van Blarcom, Senior Associate Registrar. Please also review the Drop/Add Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Drop/Add for Spring 2021 will open at 8:30am ET on the first day of the semester, February 9.

    • Drop/Add Dates: Tuesday, February 9 at 8:30am ET through 11:59pm ET, Monday, February 22.
    • You must click the "Enroll Me" button to access Drop/Add.
  • Be Mindful of Instruction Modes:

    • For Remote Students: Be sure your classes are either Online, Hybrid with Remote Students, or In-Person with Remote Students
    • For Instructors of courses with In-Person requirements: Check your classlists to be sure no enrolled students are listed as Remote learners.
  • For browsing courses during drop/add:

    • For Online Courses: Faculty may allow students to browse their remote courses. To do so, go to WesPortal > Courses > Drop/Add Course Access, then input the zoom or moodle link to your course.
    • For In-person Courses: As a reminder, even in-person classes will be meeting virtually during the required two-week quarantine (Feb. 5-Feb. 21).
  • For Instructors Meeting in Classroom Space:

    • Classroom assignments are based on strict Covid-capacities. Do not overenroll a course beyond your listed enrollment capacity, unless you have explicitly confirmed you will still be within the mandated Covid-capacity. The Covid capacities are available in EMS.

  • For Course Auditing:

    • The reduced classroom capacity due to social distancing means that it may not be possible to allow students to audit in-person class meetings. Community auditors may only participate in a class remotely; they may not come to campus.

Drop/Add Request Limit to Unranked Requests

  • In addition to the ranked drop/add requests submitted during pre-registration, students will now be able to submit a max of six unranked course requests. (Students can submit multiple sections of one course.)
  • Once a student reaches the limit of six, the "Add to My Courses" button no longer appears for courses in Drop/Add. An outstanding request will need to be canceled to submit an additional request.
Schedule Confirmation Available on the First Day of Drop/Add
  • Students can confirm their schedules during the drop/add period. 
    • Once a schedule is confirmed:
      • no additional requests can be submitted,
      • any pending requests can no longer be approved by the professors, and
      • enrolled courses cannot be dropped.
    • If additional changes are required, a student can un-confirm their schedule.
    • These changes are dynamic.
  • If a student has reached the maximum number of drop/add requests and/or has confirmed their schedule, the student can still:
    • submit tutorial requests
    • cancel requests
    • change crosslisting
    • change grading mode
    • change GenEd designation

For Instructors

  • In course management, students who have confirmed their schedules will be marked as such and can no longer be added to the class list.

Drop/add typically begins on the first day of classes each semester and is ten class days in length.  During drop/add students may enroll in more than 4.00 full credit courses with the permission of their advisor, who will need to increase their credit limit electronically.   

The ranked drop/add requests which students made during pre-registration will appear in the drop/add system and are used by instructors to admit students to courses.  Students may also make unranked drop/add requests once drop/add opens. During drop/add instructors determine who may be admitted to the course. Advisors must approve individual drops and adds. The drop/add system allows students to submit drop/add requests on-line. Instructors accept drop/add requests electronically and drop students who do not attend the first class meeting. Advisors are able to review and approve drop/adds electronically.  An e-mail notification system informs students, faculty and advisors of daily drop/add activity. 

Please note that electronic Permission of Instructor and Pre-requisite Override requests are NOT needed during drop/add.

Grading mode changes for 'Student Option' non-tutorial courses may be changed up until fourteen days after drop/add ends via WesPortal>Courses>Schedule.

Crosslistings and GenEd Designations must be chosen by the end of drop/add.

When a 2nd/4th Quarter course has multiple general educational area assignments (NSM, SBS, HA), a student must select one general education area assignment during the five working days following the first class meeting by completing and submitting a paper form.


Please direct inquiries concerning drop/add to Karri Van Blarcom.