Honors Program

It's important to know that honors at Wesleyan is a senior endeavor.  The vast majority of senior honors candidates produce a year-long written thesis. But other majors, such as FILM, allow seniors several creative thesis options such as producing a 16mm film, digital video or virtual filmmaking project, among others. In addition, some majors actually require a thesis in the senior year. While all students may be encouraged to complete a capstone project or experience, not all seniors are permitted to pursue honors.  All academic departments have defined how students can pursue honors work in their major, and have also pre-defined their internal eligibility criteria.  The links below provide more information.  Please note that Wesleyan does not award Latin honors. 

University Honors is the highest honor Wesleyan bestows.  In order to be eligible for University Honors a student must first receive high honors on their thesis in their department major. Academic departments confidentially nominate students who have met that threshhold for possible examination by members of the Honors Committee. Students who are asked to sit for the oral exam will meet with four faculty members who represent each academic division at Wesleyan with the potential of being given this prestigious award.  For more information on past recipients and the titles of their senior theses, click on the University Honors link below.