Please note the Registrar's Office will be closed at noon on Fridays from June 7th through August 2nd.


Summer and Winter Session

The University offers two intersessions: Summer Session and Winter Session. Course credit earned through intersessions is eligible to count toward the graduation requirement. Participation in intersessions does not count toward the residency requirement. An intersession does not constitute an academic semester at Wesleyan. All students in intersessions are subject to Wesleyan academic and nonacademic policy and are also subject to intersession policies. Courses taken during intersessions are subject to the same academic regulations as courses taken during the regular academic year. Students should consult their class dean about how intersession performance may affect their academic standing or check the Deans’ Office website for clarification. Students are not eligible to do independent study or education in the field and take an intersession course simultaneously. (For summer transfer credit, please see Summer Study at Other Accredited National and International Institutions.)