The Registrar's Office will be closed Friday, June 19 and Friday, July 3. In accordance with Summer Hours, the Registrar's Office will be closing at Noon on the following Fridays: June 26, July 10, July 17, July 24, July 31 and August 7.

Please adjust your requests accordingly.



    • READY

      Submission required for grade release, not yet submitted.


      Not required for grade release, not yet submitted.


      Student withdrew from course, no evaluation available.


      Evaluation has been submitted.


  • How can I see my grades?
    • Teaching evaluations must be submitted prior to 5pm Monday, May 11 in order for grades to be visible. A student can only view grades if the instructor has submitted the grade for the course and the student has submitted all required teaching evaluations by the deadline.
  • Why do certain courses have optional evaluations?
    • Course evaluations are optional when the course enrollment is less than 5. Courses are also classified as optional at the discretion of the Office of Academic Affairs.
  • If I did not submit all of my required teaching evaluations, when can I see my grades?
    • Submitted grades for the Spring 2015 semester will be available starting on Friday, June 19.
  • To whom should I direct questions about teaching evaluations?
    • If you have questions about the evaluation or experience any technical difficulties, please contact Eloise Glick.
  • Are my responses confidential?
    • Yes. Please be assured that all responses are confidential.
  • Can the professor see the evaluations before submitting grades?
    • Evaluation results are not available to instructors until grades have been submitted.
  • Do I need to submit an evaluation for each instructor of my course?
    • Yes, courses taught by multiple instructors have a separate evaluation for each instructor.

  • Can I submit an evaluation after the 30 minute time limit has been exceeded?
    • Yes. Each evaluation has a 30 minute time limit. You will need to start over after reaching the time limit. All of your work will be lost if NOT submitted within 30 minutes.