Please note the Registrar's Office will be closed at noon on Fridays from June 7th through August 2nd.


Non-degree Undergraduate Students

Wesleyan offers the following opportunities to take undergraduate courses on a non-degree basis.  Students interested in non-degree study should consult the Non-Degree Study website. All non-degree students are subject to the following policies:

  • An application is required; students must have a high school diploma or the equivalent (with the exception of High School Scholars), and must be approved for admission by one of the programs below.

  • Admission to non-degree status does not constitute admission to Wesleyan University.  Non-degree students who wish to apply for admission to degree candidacy may do so through the Admission Office.  Their applications will be reviewed according to the same rigorous standards as those of other candidates for admission.  Non-degree undergraduates who become admitted to degree candidacy will be expected to satisfy normal degree requirements. Please note that candidates admitted as first-year students may only count two credits taken prior to matriculation (admission to degree candidacy) toward the degree.

Auditor. Subject to any conditions set by the instructor, permission to audit does not include permission to have tests, examinations, or papers read or graded. Wesleyan alumni and members of the community who are not registered students are permitted to audit undergraduate courses, subject to the following conditions:

  • That the presence of an auditor not compromise undergraduates' access to the course;

  • That the auditor receive permission of the instructor;

  • That the terms of the auditor's participation in the work of the course be mutually agreed upon in advance with the instructor;

  • That no academic credit be awarded to an auditor and no transcript issued.

Center for Prison Education. Wesleyan offers the Center for Prison Education, awarding undergraduate credit to incarcerated students who are admitted to and complete courses in the center.  All students in the center are subject to Wesleyan academic and nonacademic policies as well as center policies.  Center courses are offered on-site at the correctional institution.

Community Scholars. Admissions will be handled by Continuing Studies; admissions of international students will be reviewed by the Director of the Office of International Studies.  Individuals accepted for this category may enroll in up to four courses per semester with the instructors' approval as long as their enrollment does not displace a degree-seeking student.  The tuition is a per-credit charge, based on Wesleyan's full-time tuition.  Housing and financial aid are not available.

Residential Scholars. Admission will be handled by Continuing Studies; admission of international students will be reviewed by the Director of the Office of International Studies.  Individuals accepted for this category must enroll full-time, pay full tuition and live in University housing.  Financial aid is not available.

High School Scholars. Wesleyan permits outstanding juniors and seniors from selected area high schools to take one course per semester at Wesleyan. Application is made through the guidance counselor at each high school. The completed application should be submitted to the Office of Admission. Permission is granted by the course instructor.