Information for May 2024 Diploma Pickup for Undergraduate Students


  • Accessing Drop/Add

    Log in to your WesPortal and navigate to your Academic Toolbox. Click on Course Management. Select a course by using the drop-down menu at the top of the page. If you do not see courses in the drop-down menu for the current term, then you are not scheduled to teach a course that semester.  If you are scheduled to teach and you do not see your course in the drop-down menu, ask your department or program administrative assistant to follow up with the Registrar's Office.

    There are two options for viewing information: Enrollment Requests (to add requests) and Class Enrollment (a “real-time” classlist that will reflect all recent drops and all adds approved by you).  

    The Class Enrollment page is a “real-time” version of your classlist for the purpose of drop/add. This list will include all recent drops and all adds approved by you that day, including those transactions not yet approved by an advisor.

  • Accepting Students into a Class

    The student must submit an enrollment request for the instructor to admit the student. All enrollment requests appear in an instructor's Course Management page, under the Enrollment Requests list. Once the request appears in the list, the instructor can add the student to the class list by clicking on the add to class button next to the student’s name.

    Click the box next to the student’s name in the “Enroll Student” column, OR to add all students who have submitted requests, click the “Enroll All” box at the bottom of the list. Click the “Enroll in Class” button. You will be given a chance to cancel or confirm.  If you do not wish to add the student to the class, take no action.

    Students whose names appear on your class enrollment page in red are over their full-credit course limit.  If they do not drop another course or obtain a credit limit override from their advisor by 5:00pm the next business day, they will be removed from the class.

    Please use caution when accepting students into your class. The system permits you to add any student to the class, regardless of bin distributions, pre-requisites, and enrollment capacities. Be particularly cautious not to enroll beyond the enrollment capacity, particularly if the overenrollment exceeds your assigned room capacity.

    To see which students are already enrolled, click on the "Class Enrollment" list.

  • Information on Enrollment Request Lists

    After navigating to Courses, Course Management, choose a specific class for which you would like to review add requests using the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Select  “Enrollment Requests.” You will see a list of those students who would like to add your course. If the student requested an add during pre-registration, there will be a “rank” in that column.  If the request is unranked, the student added it during the drop/add period. If the student requested the course during a previous semester, a hyperlinked number corresponding to the number of semesters the course was requested will appear in the Previously Requested column. Click on the hyperlinked number in the Previously Requested column to view detailed information about the earlier requests. Students have the option of submitting a brief “note to instructor,” which you may view by clicking the “Read Note” link in “Student’s Note” column.

    It is up to instructors to decide how they will admit students to the class. Instructors may consider a variety of factors (e.g., rank, class year, major and student interest) when offering a seat in the class.

  • Prerequisites, Majors, and Class Year during Drop/Add

    Consistent with standing drop/add procedures, the drop/add system will not prescreen students for major or class standing. When a student adds an enrollment request, however, the system will check the student's academic history to confirm whether or not they have met the prerequisite(s). An indication of this will appear as a column on your enrollment request list. This is informational only and will not prevent a student who has not met the prerequisite(s) from enrolling if you have chosen to accept the student into your course.

    If there is an "O" in the pre-requisite column, a student received an override for the pre-requisite, likely through Placement Exam results or reported AP scores.

  • Seats Available in a Course during Drop/Add

    All enrollments into courses during drop/add require instructor approval. Students will not automatically be added to a course with seats available. During Drop/Add it is up to instructors to offer students a seat in the class. Instructors will do this through the enrollment request link in WesPortal.

  • POI/Pre-Req Override Requests from Pre-Registration

    If a student submitted a POI/Pre-Requisite request, but did NOT enroll in the course, they must now submit a Drop/Add enrollment request, even if you had previously approved a POI or Pre-Requisite override request.

  • Re-requesting a Dropped Course

    If a student dropped a course, and later decided they want to remain in the course, they'll need to submit a new enrollment request. The system will not permit them to submit an enrollment request on the same day they dropped the course; they'll have to wait until the next day. They are encouraged to email you to explain the situation.

  • Advisor Approval of Course Enrollments

    If an advisor has not yet approved a student’s add of a course, “Pending Advisor” will show for the student under “Status”on the instructor’s class enrollments page. If an advisor “disapproves” a student’s add of a course, that course will be deleted from the student’s schedule, the student’s name will be removed from the instructor’s class enrollment list, and the seat returned to the instructor. 

  • Tutorial Registration

    Tutorial course registration will be done through the Drop/Add system. Students will submit requests, and then Tutors, Chairs/Directors, and Advisors can access the tutorial forms and take appropriate approval actions. Tutorial transactions happen in real-time on the computer instead of by signing and submitting
    paper forms.

    To submit a request the student must complete and submit the electronic form, the tutor may request additional information and/or a meeting, and must then approve the request. Next the chair/director reviews and approves the tutorial, and finally the advisor approves the transaction.

  • Teaching Apprentice Tutorials
    Students who have been approved as teaching apprentices (491/492) will need to accept the assignment in WesPortal. The request may be accessed by clicking WesPortal>Courses>Teaching Apprentice
    Tutorial. Students accept the tutorial by clicking on the Course ID, selecting “yes” in the student decision
    box, and hitting the submit button. If you have specific questions about a teaching apprenticeship, please
    send an email to All other courses must be dropped from or added to a student’s
    schedule by submitting electronic requests through the Drop/Add system.
  • Student Schedule Confirmed
    Students can begin confirming their schedule on the first day of drop/add. Once they have confirmed their
    schedules, they will not be able to take further action in drop/add, and instructors can no longer approve
    pending drop/add requests. Students have the ability to “un-confirm” their schedules should the need
    arise. Students who fail to confirm their schedules will not be able to participate in the next
    semester’s Pre-Registration planning.
  • Attending the First Meeting Class of a Registered Course

    Students who are enrolled in a class should be advised to attend the first class meeting of the class because instructors have the right to drop students who do not attend the first class meeting. Full text of the EPC Statement is available here.

  • Attending the First Meeting of Courses with Pending Enrollment Requests

    Students are required to attend the first meeting of a class for which they have registered. Attendance at the first meeting of a class with a pending enrollment request is an option, but not a requirement to keep the pending enrollment request. Students should not skip the first meeting of a REGISTERED class to attend a class with a pending enrollment request, as they may lose their seat in the registered class by not attending.Full text of the EPC Statement is available here.

  • Dropping a Student who Fails to Attend the First Day

    If a student fails to attend the first class and did not communicate their absence to you in advance, you have the option to drop them from the course.

    After navigating to Courses, Course Management, select a specific class using the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Select “Class Enrollments.”  You will see a list of those students currently in your course (including those who have not yet obtained advisor approval to add). To drop a student, check the box next to the student’s name in the drop column. Click the “Drop From Class” button.  You will be given a chance to cancel or confirm.  Once you confirm the drop, the student would need to submit a new enrollment request to be readmitted to the class.  Keeping this list up-to-date allows students and advisors to assess which courses might still have seats available. Full text of the EPC Statement is available here.

  • Auditors

    Auditors are not enrolled in courses. To indicate that a student has audited a course, please send an email  to Include the course the student audited, the student's name and class year, and, if possible, the student's WesID.

  • Registration Helpline

    The registration help line will be open each semester from the time that the drop/add system opens until it ends, during normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. The phone number of the registration help line is x3222, or (860) 685-3222 if you are dialing from off-campus. You will be able to leave a message after hours.

    You may also send an email to