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  • Do students need to submit a Drop/Add enrollment request if they submitted a POI/PreReq request during Pre-Registration?

    YES. If a student submitted a POI/Pre-Requisite request, but did NOT enroll in the course, they must now submit a Drop/Add enrollment request. Please note that this is true even if you had previously approved their request.

  • Can a student submit an enrollment request for a course that was dropped?

    YES, however the system will force the student to wait until the next business day. They are encouraged to email you to explain the situation.

  • How can I reach the registration help line?

    The registration help line will be open each semester from the time that the drop/add system opens until it ends, during normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5pm. The phone number of the registration help line is x3222.  You will be able to leave a message after hours.

    In addition to contacting the registration help line, graduate students can contact Barbara Schukoske, Assistant to the Director of Graduate Student Services, at x2224 if they have questions.

  • Will students get added to a class list automatically from the enrollment request list?

    NO!  Students will not be added automatically to a class list from the enrollment request list.  During Drop/Add it is up to instructors to offer students a seat in the class.  Instructors will do this through the enrollment request link in the electronic portfolio.

  • How do instructors utilize the enrollment request lists?

    The enrollment request lists are provided as a gauge of demand for the class.  Students either submit ranked or unranked requests to be admitted to the class.  It is up to instructors to decide how they will admit students to the class.  Instructors may consider a variety of factors (e.g., rank, class year, major and student interest) when offering a seat in the class.

  • Can instructors tell students who are pre-registered for their class that they must come to the first class meeting?

    YES! Students who are pre-registered for a class should be advised to attend the first class meeting of the class, because instructors have the right to drop students who do not attend the first class meeting. Full text of the EPC Statement is available here.

  • Can instructors tell students who have submitted enrollment requests for their class that they must come to the first class meeting?

    NO!  Students may be pre-registered for a class that meets at the same time as the class for which they have submitted an enrollment request, so they can not be expected to attend the first class meeting.  If students are not pre-registered for a class meeting at the same time as the class they would like to get in to, instructors can encourage the students to attend the first class meeting.  Full text of the EPC Statement is available here.

  • Can I tell students who would like to be admitted to my class that they must attend the first class meeting in order to be admitted?

    According to the Educational Policy Committee, students are required to attend the first meeting of a class for which they have registered.  Those students who appear on the class list and do not attend may be dropped by the instructor.  However, attendance at the first meeting of an electronically requested class is not required in order to maintain the enrollment request.  Therefore any student wishing to be admitted to the course who is not on the class list does not have to attend the first meeting. Full text of the EPC Statement is available here.

  • How will the add process work for students who were not eligible to select the course during pre-registration due to class year exclusions? Will there be any additional paperwork to fill out?

    The electronic system replaced paper drop/add forms.  Just as with the paper system, once drop/add opens, it is up to instructors to determine who will be added to their class lists.  The system will not add students automatically.  Instead, it will provide instructors with information about each student (major, class year, pre-requisites satisfied, etc.)  The instructor will make the decision about whom to add.  The student will be required to add an enrollment request to initiate the add.  

  • How does an instructor add a student to his/her class if they have promised the student a seat through e-mail or in person?

    The student must submit an electronic enrollment request in order for the instructor to admit the student.  If the student has not already submitted a ranked enrollment request during on-line registration, the instructor must inform the student to submit an enrollment request during the Drop/Add period.  Once the request appears in the instructor’s electronic portfolio enrollment request list, the instructor can add the student to the class list by clicking on the add to class button next to the student’s name.

  • How do I navigate to the drop/add information in my portfolio?

    Log in to your electronic portfolio.  Click on Course Management, which is located under "Courses".  The page that opens will have a drop-down menu at the top of the page.  Select a course by using the drop-down menu at the top of the page. If you do not see courses in the drop-down menu for the current term, then you are not scheduled to teach a course that semester.  If you are scheduled to teach and you do not see your course in the drop-down menu, ask your department or program administrative assistant to follow up with the Registrar's Office.

    There are three options for viewing information: Enrollment Requests (to add requests), Class Totals (a summary), and Class Enrollment (a “real-time” classlist that will reflect all recent drops and all adds approved by you).  

    The Class Enrollment page is a “real-time” version of your classlist for the purpose of drop/add.  This list will include all recent drops and all adds approved by you that day, including those transactions not yet approved by an advisor.

  • Where can I view a list of students who have requested to be added to my class?

    After navigating to Courses, Course Management, choose a specific class for which you would like to review add requests using the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Select  “Enrollment Requests.” You will see a list of those students who would like to add your course.  If the student requested an add during pre-registration, there will be a “rank” in that column.  If the request is unranked, the student added it during the drop/add period. If the student requested the course during a previous semester, a hyperlinked number corresponding to the number of semesters the course was requested will appear in the Previously Requested column.  Click on the hyperlinked number in the Previously Requested column to view detailed information about the earlier requests.  Students have the option of submitting a brief “note to instructor,” which you may view by clicking the “Read Note” link in “Student’s Note” column.

  • What steps do I take to add a student to my class?

    Click the box next to the student’s name in the “Enroll Student” column, OR To add all students who have submitted requests, click the “Enroll All” box at the bottom of the list. Click the “Enroll in Class” button. You will be given a chance to cancel or confirm.  If you do not wish to add the student to the class, take no action.

    Students whose names appear on your class enrollment page in red are over their semester credit limit.  If they do not drop another course or obtain a credit limit override from their advisor by 5:00pm the next business day, the seat will be returned to you. 

  • How do I drop a student who fails to attend the first day and does not communicate with me prior to the first day (consistent with the EPC statement on attendance)?

    After navigating to Courses, Course Management, select a specific class using the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Select “Class Enrollments.”  You will see a list of those students currently in your course (including those who have not yet obtained advisor approval to add). To drop a student, check the box next to the student’s name in the drop column. Click the “Drop From Class” button.  You will be given a chance to cancel or confirm.  Once you confirm the drop, the student would need to submit a new enrollment request to be readmitted to the class.  Keeping this list up-to-date allows students and advisors to assess which courses might still have seats available. Full text of the EPC Statement is available here.

  • When will I know if a student's advisor has approved or disapproved the add?

    If an advisor has not yet approved a student’s add of a course, “Pending Advisor” will show for the student under “Status”on the instructor’s class enrollments page.  If an advisor “disapproves” a student’s add of a course, that course will be deleted from the student’s schedule, the student’s name will be removed from the instructor’s class enrollment list, and the seat returned to the instructor. 

  • Does the system screen students for prerequisites, majors, or class standing?

    Consistent with standing drop/add procedures, the drop/add system will not prescreen students for major or class standing.  When a student adds an enrollment request, however, the system will check the student's academic history to confirm whether or not they have met the prerequisite(s).  An indication of this will appear as a column on your enrollment request list.  This is informational only and will not prevent a student who has not met the prerequisite(s) from enrolling if you have chosen to accept the student into your course.

  • Can I indicate to students that my course is full and I won't be accepting any more students unless someone drops the course?

    YES. Once the class has reached its enrollment limit, you can email the students that have submitted enrollment requests. This can be done through EP>Course Management>Enrollment Requests>MailTo:RequestList. However, please note that the "Close Course" button is no longer an option, per the EPC.

  • A student will be auditing my course. How do I add the student to the course so that the notation can appear on his/her transcript?
    Auditors are not enrolled in courses.  To indicate that a student has audited a course, please send an email at the end of the semester to or click "Contact the Registrar's Office" at the top of the grade roster page when you are assigning grades.  Include the course the student audited, the student's name and class year, and, if possible, the student's WesID.