Changes to a class schedule after the initial drop/add period, including adding/dropping 4th quarter classes, require students to navigate to their "Class Schedule" in WesPortal and follow directions on how to correct their schedule. All requests will need to go through the workflow for consideration. Students will receive an email when the request is either fully approved and processed, or denied at any stage of the process. FACULTY can review pending requests by clicking on the link they receive via email or simply clicking this link.

DROP/ADD - General Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need POI and Pre-requisite override forms during Drop/Add?

    NO. Override forms are only necessary during the Pre-Registration phases (Planning, Scheduling & Adjustment).

  • What are enrollment requests for?

    The enrollment request concept was developed as a part of the electronic drop/add system.  Enrollment requests give students an opportunity to express their interest in a course they were closed out of during pre- registration and provide a measure of demand for a course.  Once drop/add begins, the ranked enrollment requests submitted by the student during pre-registration will automatically appear in the student's drop/add web page and as an addendum to the instructor's class list in WesPortal.

  • What is the difference between ranked and unranked enrollment requests?

    Ranked enrollment requests may only be added during pre-registration. Ranked requests allow students to express their level of interest in a course they were closed out of during pre-registration and also provide a measure of demand for a course.

    Unranked enrollment requests may only be added once drop/add begins.  Students must submit either a ranked or unranked enrollment request in order to be admitted to a course.  

  • How can I reach the registration help line?

    The registration help line will be open each semester from the time that the drop/add system opens until it ends, during normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. The phone number of the registration help line is x3222, or  (860) 685-3222 if you are dialing from off-campus. Please leave a detailed message if we are unable to answer and we will call you back as soon as possible.

    In addition to contacting the registration help line, graduate students can contact Barbara Schukoske, Assistant to the Director of Graduate Student Services, at x2224 if they have questions.