Save Paper - And Manage Your Finances Online

At the request of students, Wesleyan University is pleased to provide a one-stop Student Account Center.  The system allows students and their designated guest(s) the ability to manage the student account online.

An e-mail will be sent from afford.com to each student's Wesleyan e-mail address every time a new Student Account Statement is ready. The statement can be viewed online via the secure Student Account Center, accessible through WesPortal.

The Wesleyan Student Account Center is convenient, easy to use, and secure. Features and benefits include:

  • 24x7 access from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Automatic student enrollment in the system
  • Secure log-in via WesPortal, using your e-mail username and password
  • View your monthly Student Account Statement online, make online payments directly from your checking or savings account, review account activity or enroll in a monthly payment plan
  • Ability to access and print a paper copy of the bill
  • Students can enable guest(s) to become "Authorized Participants" to view account activity, monthly statements, make online payments and/or enroll in a monthly payment plan - Guests log in at Wesleyan.afford.com

Nelnet Campus Commerce (formerly TMS) has provided the following visual demonstration of Student Account Center (SAC) on YouTube.  We encourage users unfamiliar with SAC navigation to watch the four minute video.  Please note that this is a Nelnet universal video and not all references are applicable to Wesleyan (ex. Wesleyan does not accept payment by credit card for undergraduate or graduate students).