The following schedule governs refunds when an undergraduate student is detached from the University or is granted a leave of absence during the fall or spring semesters:

Tuition, Green Fund Fee and Student Activity Fee Refunds

Fall 2018

Spring 2019

Refund Amount

By September 2

By January 23

100% of tuition and fees

September 3 - 9

January 24 - 30

90% of tuition only

September 10 - 16

January 31 - February 6

80% of tuition only

September 17 - 23

February 7 - 13

70% of tuition only

September 24 - 30

February 14 - 20

60% of tuition only

October 1 - 7

February 21 - 27

50% of tuition only

October 8 - 14

February 28 - March 6

40% of tuition only

October 15 - 21

March 7 - 13

30% of tuition only

October 22 - October 28

March 14 - 20

20% of tuition only

On or after October 29

On or after March 21

No refund

Housing Refunds

These refunds are pro-rated based on the number of days of occupancy.  The occupancy start date is the day housing opens to an individual each semester.  The end date is the date belongings are removed AND the key returned to the Office of Residential Life as outlined in the Housing Contract.  No refunds are granted on or after December 1 for fall semester and May 1 for spring semester.

Dining Refunds

These refunds are pro-rated up to the value remaining in the semester in which the withdrawal occurs. Dining plans are deactivated based on the withdrawal date recorded by the Registrar. No refunds are granted on or after December 1 for fall semester and May 1 for spring semester.

Refund of Credit Balances

A refund must be requested in writing by the student as a signature is required. To download the .pdf request form click here.  Refunds to Non U.S. Citizens may be subject to NRA federal income tax withholding.  Scholarship payments directly to non-resident aliens, including refunds of a student account credit balance, must always be treated as non-qualified scholarships, and are therefore reportable and require withholding, unless a treaty or code exemption applies. 


Non-Resident Study Refunds

Refer to the Non-Resident Study Agreement and Disclosure which is signed by the student prior to study abroad with the Office of Study Abroad.

Summer Session Refunds

For information relating to Summer Session refunds, please visit the Summer Session web site.

Graduate Liberal Studies Refunds

For information relating to GLS refunds, please visit the GLS web site.

Financial Aid Refunds

These refunds are pro-rated based upon the number of days enrolled.  Contact the Financial Aid Office ( for more information.

Optional Tuition Insurance

Wesleyan is pleased to advise you of an optional Undergraduate insurance program which extends the above referenced refund policy. This program is known as the Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) and is offered by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. Application to Dewar must be made prior to the first day of class if enrolled on-campus or by the non-resident program start date if studying away.  For more information, please visit the Dewar website.