Tuition Payments

Payment for classes is due with registration.  GLS students are bound by Wesleyan University's Student Account Agreement as described in the GLS Student Account Agreement and Disclosure Statement.

Payment Options:

Standard Payment:

Students are expected to register online must and must pay all charges online at the time of registration.  The GLS accepts Visa, MasterCard, e-check, or monthly payment plan.

Employer pays Tuition:

Students whose employer pays tuition and fees directly to Wesleyan University must contact the Mary Kelly at the GLS office before registering for courses.

Payment with Student Loans:

Students paying tuition and course fees with student loans must pay the $100 non-refundable registration fee upon registration and have completed the loan application process as defined by the University's Office of Financial Aid prior to registering.  Students must contact the Mary Kelly at the GLS office before registering for courses. Students must complete entrance counseling and return Master Promissory Note to Financial Aid  within 5 business days of the 100% tuition refund deadline.

Payment Plan:

Graduate Liberal Studies has partnered with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to offer a 3-month payment plan. Payment in full is still due upon registration, but completed enrollment in the payment plan is considered payment in full for purposes of registration.

  • TMS will charge a $25 fee each term you sign up to use the payment plan.
  • Payments to TMS are made through ACH transfer only.
  • Enrollment in the payment plan for spring 15 will open Tuesday, November 25, 2014.

Students can set up payment plans for summer 15 from May 1 through July 1, 2015.  Payment dates for summer 2015 are as follows:

  Registration date: 1st payment (1/3) 2nd payment(1/3) 3rd payment(1/3)
June 20, 2015 July 1, 2015 Aug 1, 2015 Sept 1, 2015
After June 20, 2015 Upon registration Aug 1, 2015 Sept 1, 2015


Payments for the fall 2015 term are as follows:

  Registration date: 1st payment (1/3) 2nd payment(1/3) 3rd payment(1/3)
Aug 20, 2015 Oct 1, 2015 Nov 1, 2015 Dec 1, 2015
After Aug 20, 2015 Upon registration Nov 1, 2015 Dec 1, 2015


For more information, please visit TMS at  As with any payment plan, please be sure you understand your rights and responsibilities before you commit to the plan.

Tuition Refunds

The following schedule governs refunds of tuition and course fees when a GLS student withdraws from a course.  The registration fee is not refundable.



Withdrawal date

Refund Amount

Summer 2015 - all courses except SCI635

July 3, 2015


Summer 2015 - all courses excetp SCIE635

After July 3, 2015


Summer 2015 - SCIE635

June 15, 2015


Summer 2015 - SCIE635

After June 15, 2015


Fall 2015 - all courses

September 18, 2015


Fall 2015 - all courses

After September 18, 2015



Refund of Credit Balances: Credit balances remain on student accounts and are applied to future registrations unless the student requests a refund from the GLS office.  Please contact to request a refund of a credit balance on your student account.

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