Fall 2016 Courses 

The following courses are being offered in the fall 2016 term. Below is the course schedule for the term; please click on the title of any course to be brought to a detailed description of that course.

Fall 2016 Registration and Withdrawal Dates

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Story and Structure
HUMS 627

Anne Greene


Introduction to Digital Art and Design
ARTS 612

Christopher Chenier


From Reader to Writer: A Fiction Writing Workshop
HUMS 607

Rachel Basch


Globalization in the Modern World
SOCS 634

Giulio Gallarotti


Basic Drawing: The Still Life
ARTS 611

Peter Waite


Farming in America
SOCS 649 / SOCS 649W

Amrys Williams


American Photography and 
the Social Conscience

SOCS 664 / ARTS 664

Mel McCombie


Culture and Learning: 
Applying Social Sciences Within Education

SOCS 607

Jason Simms

See below for special schedule



Special Schedule Course

Culture and Learning:
Applying Social Sciences Within Education

SOCS 607

Jason Simms

Tuesdays, online: 9/13, 10/4, 10/18, 11/8, 11/29

Saturdays, on campus: 9/24, 10/29, 12/10

Canceled Courses: 

Biology of Mammals
SCIE 619

Forest Ecology
SCIE 608